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  1. Inner elbow injury (pull ups most likely cause)

    All noted, thanks. Pronated grip feels better on my elbows but I think I really need to work on shoulder/arm mobility as even pronated is very uncomfortable from a torque point if view at the wrists and just general feeling all twisted up. I set up my rings last night and did a few sets. Felt much better on the elbows. You are right - much harder, my reps dropped by about 20% but that's no bad thing. Was a great pump in the last which I never get anymore with the pull up bar. Technique wise the natural curve was hanging supinated, moving to parallel almost as soon as the pull starts and finishing the pull almost fully supinated. I'll keep going with the wringing, massage and ring pull ups and report back in a couple of weeks. Got some curcumin on the way too.
  2. Inner elbow injury (pull ups most likely cause)

    Gymnastic ring pull ups perhaps might solve this!?
  3. Inner elbow injury (pull ups most likely cause)

    Thanks swole, I ONLY do parallel grip these days. Pronated grip killed my elbows once I got past 33ish. Torque and inflexibility in the shoulders are definitely an issue for me as squats are aggravating it. Well I'm in the garage squatting right now, so some high volume band curls on the way! Is the Kwan loong just for pain relief? It's not that bad so far that I need pain relief, but from past experience I can tell I'm on the way to long term pain in the elbows if it keeps progressing this way. Would you recommend stopping pull ups altogether until the pain is away then build them back in gradually? Praying you say no....don't know if I can live without pull ups
  4. Inner elbow injury (pull ups most likely cause)

    Thanks man, reading a lot about grip work helping so I'll give this a go!
  5. Hi everyone, both elbows suffering the same injury. Seems like tendinitis but thought I may that get some advice on here. Inner elbows sore, especially at the bottom portion of pulling movements. No muscle pain, just tender at the joint. I suspect pull ups are the cause but I have outlined my workout structure below in case anything else jumps out. They do also hurt a bit when squatting, maybe due to the torque and poor shoulder mobility. Anyone experienced this and have any exercises that have helped? I currently do 3 sessions with pull ups per week. Typically 2 'heavy' days which is 3x10 weighted and currently at 17.5kg and the other session is a volume day with 100 reps as fast as possible. I also throw in a 1rm day once per week or whenever I feel good. I can stomach giving up the volume day, or at least modifying it down. Love the heavy days though. Rest looks like this: Day 1 Pull ups 3x8-12, 2 back offs Dips 3x8-12, 2 back offs Incline press 3x8-12 Fluff - rear flys, fat DB curls, lateral raises Day 2 Squats 3x10 Deadlifts - singles then 3x5 back offs Rack pulls 3x max Volume pull ups - 100 reps Fluff : rear flys, curl variation, lateral raises. Day 3 Low volume / easy day OHP - singles then 5x5 back off Atlas stones for reps and a few heavy singles Pull ups - work up to a 1rm
  6. Pictures of your home gyms since lockdown

    A week later.... more insults for the big stone.....fucker still not cooperating! Think it was closer though
  7. Squats 110kg X 10,10,10. Pull ups 1-8-1, 1-6-1. 100 reps in 24 mins Read shot in time so deadlifts will be done tomorrow afternoon.
  8. Pictures of your home gyms since lockdown

    Defo miss leg options in my set up! There must be a relatively easy way to come up with something resembling a leg extension at home.... any ideas!? I've used my adjustable bench in conjunction with jamming my legs under a loaded barbell to mimic a hypertension, but it's too much hassle to do it every week!
  9. Pictures of your home gyms since lockdown

    Never been a problem as I use a pallet or an old tyre. If you dropped it from any height it would bust the floor for sure. The other garage does have a massive crack in the floor but not from a stone - was doing sledgehammer work and I missed the tyre!
  10. Pictures of your home gyms since lockdown

    As you can see, the key is shouting 'f**k you' at the stone just as it leaves the ground. Then it won't dare drop on your toes!
  11. Lower body session today. Squats: 105kg X 10,10,10. Pull up pyramid: 1-8-1, 1-6-1. Deadlifts: worked up to single at 170kg Deadlifts back off: 100kg X 15 Rack pulls: 3x10 Fluff: ring flys and curls Squats easy. Not rushing though. Will be happy once I am back to 132.5kg for a set of 10. Will use 110kg next session. Happy with pull ups. Strength returning as I worked up to a single at 37.5kg the other night. Reps have gone up a lot since returning. Pyramid in first week back failed at 5!
  12. 'Day off' workout on Saturday for some OHP work and some single pull up work to get a feel for the heavy ones again. OHP: worked up to a single at 75kg Pull ups: worked up to a single at 37.5kg OHP: 5x5 at 55kg Stones: 15 X small, 1 (1/2!) big.
  13. Pictures of your home gyms since lockdown

    Got me motivated to do some stones again! The wee one was going well. Did about 30 reps in total - The big Mofo came off the ground, but went no further!! A few weeks and I'll have it!
  14. Natural Strength Journey

    f**k, 20 stone. You probably are beastly strong then haha. I got up to 100kg a few years back and felt like I was going to have coronary every waking moment. To be fair 230kg should be doable at or around 110kg. Good luck. Will watch your progress with interest!
  15. Pictures of your home gyms since lockdown

    Don't do loads of strongman. I should do more really, but it tends to be the odd session once or twice per fortnight. Got two stones. The bigger one is out of sight there and hasn't moved for about three years haha! 3 kegs (one for OHP, one for distance carries and one empty and unused so far), farmers handles too in the background, which I love. If I could only do one lift forever it would be a farmer's carry! The strongman stuff is definitely more fun. Just less practical with our shitty weather and the fact I train late at night.