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  1. Home gym pissing contest

    Standard rack. Lockdown project was a platform for atlas stones. Still weak af... need drugs.
  2. I am confident that if you ever make it just into the top 20% of earners you will still not feel rich and you will still be largely the same person you are today. I can tell you, if I was given the choice between something 'shiny' that I could show off, I don't know, a wanky watch or similar vs a fabricated piece of steel that will sit iny garage gym for only me to see and use....I'm taking that gym equipment. I see your point about alphas being insecure but I don't think it is accurate in the correct sense of the word. An alpha is by nature confident, reliable, emotionally stable. They know they will be replaced one day but do not live in fear of the fact. They are secure enough to accept it is part of life. I'm sure there are plenty of instances in nature (I'm not posting up links, Google if you like but from memory it is very common amongst primates, wolves and lions) where an emotionally unstable, violent or erratic male ousts the current alpha through physical force. He thinks he is on top but the females go behind his back and mate with other males in the group - they are only interested in passing on good genes to their offspring, not the traits of the new alpha who they do not trust to look after the best interests not the group. This type of alpha usually has a very short lived time at the top and in lions in particular the females of the group are often known to help a new and trusted male, take out the current alpha if his behaviour is to the detriment of the group or their young. f**k female lions commonly kick out an alpha who is becoming aggressive to cubs in an effort to attract new alpha suitors. They would rather have no alpha than an emotionally unstable/insecure one. It's not simple and there is a spectrum of alpha to beta and I suspect no one sits perfectly right at on end or the other. What the f**k am I doing here......this is Uk-muscle, let's stop this reasoned debate....I f**ked YOUR MUM, I WIN!!!
  3. @daringhorse The average UK earnings figure is £35k p.a. You think people who earn £50k all lose their soul!!? Do you think people earning £50k even consider themselves very successful!!? Almost all experienced doctors, head teachers, millions of normal people with good qualifications and a decent level of experience. All lost souls!? Money is not the root of all evil. Pricks with money are often bigger pricks but they are pricks in spite of their money, not because of it. I work in finance and I can tell you some of the wealthiest people you walk past in the street, you would never know. They are humble and live normal, non lavish lives. There are loads of rich balls bags but equally as many poor ball bags. People just aren't jealous of the poor ones, so don't bitch about it. I do agree though that the OP is massive tit for going to that particular gym full of people he evidently can't stand to be around!!
  4. Just join 'The Gym' for £13.99 per month. One squat rack in my local one and I've had to wait for it exactly 0 times in the last 2 years. The only annoying thing is, when I tell people my gym costs £13.99 per month they don't seem to be really impressed about how successful I am DAMMIT!!
  5. Agreed bud. This guy who is so educated in psychology seems to know f**k all about it. 'Babes' or whatever...men use derogatory names to each other all the time and there is an evolutionary reason behind it. If you call someone a name and they can laugh it off with confidence it helps with the process of assessing whether that that person is stable and can be trusted. If they lose the plot and/or try to justify why they are not a 'babes' they are more likely erratic, emotionally unstable and will feel the need to prove themselves....in lay terms you have just found out who is decent and who is a pr**k, simply by taking the piss a bit.
  6. EDIT: my comments in first para below should be passed to the OP my mistake. It all sounds relevant to you too though daringhorse! --------- Jesus mate. You are angry at manlets, you called everyone in your gym betas and are now trying to convince us how smart you are. If you are so educated in psychology and human behaviour you would know this is pretty much the epitomy of beta behaviour. Alpha primates traits are reliability, stability, trustworthyness...sure they are strong and can be aggressive, but they are smart enough only to use strength and aggression when required. Most modern studies actually show alpha primates to also be more caring fathers. It all points to being able to look after everyone. Betas are not stable, they are erratic and get angry over small things and often feel the need to prove themselves through violence/aggression, hence the group does not trust them to be the leader and look after their best interests.....angry over small things, trying to prove themselves....sound familiar? Relax, let the manlets do their thing, have some self confidence and stop bragging about paying £170 per month for a gym. Then sir, you may be on your way Alphaness!!
  7. Obese lazy bloke turning it around

    Good man, 1.25x bodyweight soon!
  8. Workout 2 tonight: Squats 3x10 in 8-10 range 80kg X 10, 90 kg X 10, 100kg X 10 Pull ups pyramid 1,2,3,4,5,6,6,5,5,4,3,3,3,2. 52 reps in 15 minutes Curl variation 3 X max Done (ring curls) Ring rear flys 5 X max Done Deadlifts - missed as ran out of time and had to run kids about. Bad planning - everything is slower as a result of 8 weeks off! I'll do my deadlifts tomorrow and back to workout 1 on Wednesday. Squats felt horrible today. But to be expected. Last block started at 100kg 3 X 10 and I was up to 132.5, 127.5, 122.5 X 10 on session 8 - so 3-4 weeks in. Pull ups also well below where I got to before the long break. Was getting 100 reps in 22 mins at that point. Again, not worried, the numbers should be back in 3-4 weeks. Curls and flys as usual - weight not important, just fluff/pump work! Don't feel drained at all. The squats were hard on last set but I suspect my body and mind have just forgotten what a really hard squat session is like! My 132.5 X10 sets had me nearly on the floor and tonight was just uncomfortable.... but never anywhere near failure.
  9. Totally agree bud, but my lack of patience overrides sensibilities every time!!
  10. Good tune, hadn't heard it beforem. Love their trademark driving chug after the slayeresque solo! Unfortunately after 8 weeks off squatting, even the energy of chimaira wasn't enough to make me squat a decent weight tonight!!
  11. Will have a listen during tonight's squat session!
  12. So first workout done on Saturday after an 8 week or so lay off...I've not had more than 2-3 weeks off in one go for the last ten years so I suspected strength would be way down. Numbers were well down from my last session 8 weeks ago but I don't think they will take long to get back there - felt like my conditioning was more of an issue than pure strength - I was mangled after the first set as my muscles were just like 'what the f**k, I've done nothing for 8 weeks, now this!!?'. I had fu**ing DOMS before my session was even over! DOMS after my lower body session tonight is going to be nightmarish. I'm going to start really easy on squats otherwise I will be like a fu**ing cripple for the next few days. I had worked up to 132.5kg X 10, 127.5kg X 10, 122.5kg X 10 in my last squat session and will aim to be back there in 4-5 weeks. Tonight I think I will go for 80,90,100kg X 10 and see how I go. I want to be able to squat every 3 or 4 days so ridiculous DOMS is not worth it right now. Typically once I have been back at it for 2 weeks DOMS is no longer an issue at all. Numbers for workout 1 below. Weighted Pull ups 3 X max in 8-10 range 10kg X 10, 10kg X 7, 5kg X 6, BW X 5 (last session was 17.5kgx10, 15kgx10, 12.5kgx8, BW X 12) Weighted Dips 3 X max in 8-10 range 20kg X 10, 15kg X 10, 15kg X 10 (last session was 32.5kg, 30kg and 27.5kg all X 10, 20kg X 8 + dropped of BW X 4) DB incline press 3 X max in 8-10 range 20kg X 10, 10, 10 (last session was 25kg X 10,9,7) Tricep rings 3 X max Done Ring reverse flys 3 X max Done Lateral raises 3 X max in 10-15 range Done with 7kgs Curl variation 3 X max Done
  13. I've loved metal for 20 years but for some reason only learned about DevilDriver recently!! Testimony of Truth - the only song that I could listen to just the opening second of on loop all day ?