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  1. Will we ever get on the bench press?

    @JackoffbladesI have been 259lbs, never made 260 it eluded me and nobody would describe me as being fat when i hit that size. Not going to lie and say I was shredded. I now sit at 225-240lbs eating between 4-5000 calories a day needed due to cycling, running and weight lifting. When the pools open ill swim again too. If size is my goal i'll eat more than those numbers. As @swole troll stated, and perhaps i wasn't clear enough, if you eat 6k clean calories a day eating an 'off plan meal' of 2 medium pizzas is easy peasy. I just thought a lot of people could smash, pizza, sides, ben and jerrys every now and then. I certainly dont condone eating processed foods all day. High calorie dense meals such as pizza have a place, but not daily imo. I have an extremely fast metabolism and need more food than most, partly i suspect due to being am extremely skinny kid genetically. Here is a typical day's eating for me currently, weighed 227lbs this am and pretty lean on 200mg test only:
  2. Will we ever get on the bench press?

    Maybe when you get used to eating 6k plus calories a day, you'll learn 2 pizzas in a sitting is nothing, as to gain proper size for a lot that is necessary.
  3. Will we ever get on the bench press?

    Why are you assuming that people have bought kit will want to sell it. I've put together a setup that most local gyms wouldnt be able to offer in terms of uniqueness of kit, with 300kg of weight plates, chains, bands, novelty attachments and more. Cost is irrelevant when it'll be in my garage for as long as i want, to be used when i want and by who i want. Most who could afford/had space/found kit and could have the luxury of putting together a setup probably share similar views. I doubt many will rush to sell even if they intend to sell at some stage, i suspect gyms will shut again for a period of time at some stage based on the baphoons previous decisions.
  4. Shin splints pain while running

    Going through same issue myself. I'm almost over it tho and now running 95% pain free. Ive seen a physio and my 'shin splints' is MTSS (inflamed tibia muscle inner shin). Massage, graston and cupping has helped. I alao learnt that my ankles collapse inwards running due to their lack of mobilitt/strength. Insoles has corrected this. Stretching the hell out of it has helped massively. Get a foam roller, place on bottom of soleus (calf) with toes behind you plonk your butt on the foam roller and sit on it and feel stretch. When i started cojld barely do 10 seconds. Can now do 2mins plus. My problem waa tight calves, ankles and internally rotated hips. Do tibia toe curls. Wrap a band around something as a base, place other end over foot and point toes towards face. This hands down has helped me more than anything else. I also put bands aroind feet and twist anlkles in and out. Rest, stop aggravating it. 10 days off, then returning gradually. Ive done 1k and 1.5k (i know not far) pain free this week so far. I couldnt jog out of my drive last week. Epsom salts help relax the muscles. Plenty of calve raises (for me seated as my soleus is tight).
  5. sibutramine... oh man

    Will power first and foremost. Then stimulants e.g. Ephedrine, dmaa, strong Pre workouts, clen (gives some anxiety), yohimbine (gives some anxiety).
  6. TTM

    I think he's saying (and I don't believe this is right) that in a vial, the test u sits at the top part of the vial, the prop at the bottom and the other esters in between. Thus by using a vial you won't get a consistent breakdown of esters depending on how far you push the needle in to draw your shot. The actual reality is that the compound is mixed as per the amp, if you transferred 10amps to a 10ml vial, the esters don't suddenly separate. You'd get exactly the same apportionment of esters as per the 1ml amp.
  7. Inone Pharma

    400mg of testosterone. As per the label.
  8. Winstrol injections

    If that's the case everything I've ever read about injectable compounds having higher bioavailabity is wrong. So you're saying that taking oral winstrol, SD, anavar etc has a higher absorbility than injecting it? If so, I think you're wrong.
  9. Anadrol

    This 100%. If you took anadrol and didn't eat, you wouldn't bloat. Simple as that. Diet drives the outcome of all peds.
  10. I've used it bud when Chiron made it. They originally got a batch in for a top amateur BB, but had some left over so I bought enough for an 6 week run. 50mg eod. Positives: Great strength gains. Felt fantastic energy during workouts. Felt the difference of using it very swiftly. Vascularity was second to none. Negatives: Water retention. The scale has never moved up so fast in my whole time training. I hit my all time heaviest of 259lbs. Still had visible abs, albeit the bloated Michelin man kind. I felt I held a a tonne of water. This was with no diet changes, eating same meals everyday with one off plan meal every weekend. Blood pressure. I have never had such high BP in my whole time training. For the first time ever I used lisinopril in order to get my BP down. This will be linked heavily to the weight gain. I personally wouldnt say it's a BBing drug. The only time I'd look to use it, and I think it would be very good for this, would be if I was doing a PL comp and was comfortably within a weight class, where the increased water retention, reduced ROM and extra strength it would offer would really benefit.
  11. Superdrol is useless....

    If you want legit SD right now you'd be best off using a UGL. Those that I have used recently Nexus (oral), Chiron (oral), DG (inj) have all been very good.
  12. Superdrol is useless....

    He posted that nearly 5 years ago.
  13. 1st test - organon sustanon 1st anabolic - Norma nandrolone 1st oral - Iranian oxymetholone Travelled all the way from South West to Wigan to get my first few cycles worth. Had a fear of the postman/parents opening my post.
  14. ORAL cycle

    I've used both rad and var. Var makes rad look poor. I'm actually a fan of rad as I do believe it to be a beneficial compound but it really isn't comparable to var or any actual steroid in my experience. Have you tried both? Luke Sandoe's issues were mental health related. Not related to any ped as far as I am aware. Trevor ended up in a wheel chair due to his health/steroid abuse issues (they weren't mental health related, altho you could argue the excessive dosages that led to his demise were perhaps body dysmorphia related thus mental health also). I don't think swole is attacking you, he's pointed out flaws in your arguments. I am sure if you asked some of the bodybuilders that own sarm companies, one used to be a frequent poster on here, they'd advise any steroid is more effective. But for a 'milder' (and I use this term with extreme caution) cycle sarms can be beneficial. However it is worth noting I don't think any sarm actually passed all the necessary human trials. Multiple steroids have.
  15. ORAL cycle

    Exactly this. And to answer John's question about coach Trevor. Anyone that puts out content talking about 10, 20 or 30lbs of muscle gains in 7-10 days I'm gonna ignore completely. Further anyone openly discussing using Dnp, insulin, hgh, metformin and various other compounds simultaneously to irresponsible teenagers (and adults tbf) on YT is not getting my respect or time of day. Honestly you'd learn more (not you swole) listening to one episode of Fouad's podcast.