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  1. Yeah so basically protein stays constant. If I want to gain I adjust carbs up to c600, peak bulk I've been up to 800-900. Fat always stays low. Current breakdown and now eating about maintanence: P350 C 400 F 50 Off days: P 350 C 250 F 100 I literally just adjust the carbs to determine body weight/goals.
  2. My Protein is c. 350g from direct sources. 1.5g per lb of LBM. I'm eating just over that. My diet was done for me tho and it works. High protein moderate carbs, less than 50g of fat, majority of which comes from salmon pre bed.
  3. Garage Gym Power Building

  4. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    MK677 is def bad for glucose. One way I have found that has less of an impact on it is to use a dose 2 - 3 times a week. Alongside a GDA and my blood glucose was fine and still got some benefit of the increased gh pulses. Obvs you could use exogenous insulin to offset the glucose issues, but I'm not personally one for taking a drug to offset the sides of another, another than say arimidex.
  5. Halo...

    Not too long, by the time I'd finished and driven home the missus was safe.
  6. Halo...

    I find it almost euphoric. When I used to train in a gym, I'd take it about 60mins pre. By the time I got in my car 30mins later I'd feel it kicking in. I'm normally very placid but it would make me far more irritable at people's shite driving as I went to the gym. At the gym it would give me: Increased focus, ability to flick a switch in my mind and be more aggressive/confident. I'd have extra endurance/strength. Tunnel vision was the biggest effect for me.
  7. Garage Gym Power Building

    Good stuff. Well worth it. Dave Tate developed it for that exact reason as he has shoulder issues. He uses this instead now as he's gotten older.
  8. Garage Gym Power Building

    So I bench heavy one say, like today. Then later this week, probs Thursday, I'll do Incline bench and then use the shoulder saver for some high rep flat bench/tri accessories. I'm up to 140 3 x 10. This week I'll go 145 and hope to get 3 x 10. It's effectively a floor press but on a bench.
  9. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Post morning bench session. 105.8kg today.
  10. Garage Gym Power Building

    Due to being inundated at work and loads of clients in Canada going through court procedures, my sleeping and routine has been severely disrupted. Add to that the fact Boris has limited weddings to 15 people it is very unlikely atm my wedding in Feb will be going ahead. Can't even get both sets of grandparents and parents there, as well as all brothers and sisters. Let alone a best man or bridesmaid, or heaven forbid friends and less close family. Stress has been high to say the least. Anyhow decided this week I'm gonna get up early and train. Added some extra carbs to pre bed meal and then as soon as I wake up make an intra shake and start sipping it 15/20mins pre session. Bench day went really well today. Measured my arms yesterday as ordered some mark Bell elbow and knee sleeves. 18.5 inch cold. That's an increase of 0.5 inches during this dieting down phase. Waist is tighter by the day, especially as yesterday I effectively skip loaded and ate a lot of processed carbs.
  11. Garage Gym Power Building

    I love it mate. Use it once a week. It's highlighted something I didn't expect. I've always thought my Triceps dictate my bench, this has highlighted the opposite. For 35 quid it's an excellent addition and absolutely obliterates your Triceps more so than say CGBP or skulls.
  12. Halo...

    Def good for performance sports namely powerlifting. However has two big benefits for BBing: 1. Muscle hardening 2. Strength/aggression at tail end of prep.
  13. BlastinG year Round?

    My first training partner's 'perma blast was' : Year 1 - 250mg test pw Year 2 - 375mg test pw Year 3 - 500mg test pw Up to 750. Trained with him for 5 years and his results were far better than mine. He simply dropped all jabs in December so was effectively 11 months on 1 off. He'd also throw an oral in pre any holidays. He never used anything other than test and an oral. Was it healthy, doubtful. Is it worse than blasting and cruising? I'm not sure on this, his levels were constant, didn't use any harsh 19nors. Is it worse than blasting test and tren say a gram combined for 20 weeks 2 x a year. Hard to say. Genetics will no doubt play a part.
  14. Tren, out of breath, sweating

    Tren's major side effect is the negative impact it has on the cardio vascular system.
  15. Garage Gym Power Building

    Having the stressiest of weeks atm thanks to Boris and work. Been working 13 hour days, and then waken during the night due to various clients being involved in litigation in Canada. Sleeps been abysmal, have had zero appetite for meals. Still dragged myself out to train, even if it was quick 45min sessions just to do something. Boris' lockdown means if he doesn't change it by Feb I will need to postpone wedding which has been booked for nearly a year already. Wouldn't be able to get both sides parents, siblings and grandparents there, let alone a best man and bridesmaids and heaven forbid some mates. Boris is a cnut. Anyhow few training clips.