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  1. Tren A

    50mg MWF. See how you handle that. After 4 weeks if all good bump to 75mg eod. If that's fine, next time you cycle: 75mg MWF, bump to 100mg after few weeks if all good.
  2. 230lbs. 6ft. BF% ~ 10-12%
  3. Decatest + GH

    One huge bolus dose. That's the whole point to get the maximum and sustained increased igf levels. I'd do it before bed. Wouldn't do during day or early on as gh makes me tired.
  4. Help me!

    Ime T3 at 50mcg, calorie deficit, cardio on TTM still ate into muscle tissue. Honestly most people can get to their goals with just will power. If you're struggling to diet, using T3 is not the answer it make you even hungrier (unless you're already at the tail end of a diet and your metabolism has down regulated).
  5. Decatest + GH

    I haven't serum tested mine, but it has the signs of legit hgh as my hair and nails are growing exponentially faster. I trust the source I got mine from and my latest vials seem all vacuum sealed. I'm quite lucky I don't get CTS sides, I do get drowsiness and 10iu of it def makes me sleep deeper (I don't wake up for usual couple of p1sses in the night and dreams more vivid). Atm I'm dieting taking 2iu 60mins Pre cardio. I've used ansomone, jintropin, pharmatropin (pharmacom) this was v good, as well as grey tops and various other generics. I feel confident in hyge both the black and green. Never used yellow as the cost was just too cheap and seen a lot of neg reviews.
  6. Decatest + GH

    Yes I have bud. I find it very effective and typically adopt that protocol in a growth phase as 1) it saves jab frequencies 2) studies suggest it created more LBM and no organ growth. In a dieting phase I prefer small 2iu shots Pre fasted cardio.
  7. VID_20210105_184856.mp4 Another vial of hyge this pm. Vacuum worked. @js77 (yes I should have made it run down the side slowly but this was more to test it and I'll be using it straight away).
  8. I suspect as he pins before bed he then wakes up feeling more tired than usual/CTS. That's how I feel when I do it anyway. If I took 10iu off the bat in the am by lunch time I'd want to go to bed.
  9. Just popped a vial of hyge open this am. This one didn't suck the water in. Saturday's did from same box, yet I know they're working as hair and nails are growing significantly quicker than if I was off. Now the barbers are shut gonna have to go back to buzz cutting my hair myself again.
  10. High Iron levels

    How do they test for iron levels? When I donate they take a drop of blood and time how long it takes to drop in a solution. I didn't know they can tell your actual iron levels.
  11. How do you run masteron?

    This. If mast is the primary anabolic (it's a weak one), I'd go low test high mast. As I would with primo for example. Tbh I see little need for higher test, that's just my own personal view and what works for me, but I don't see benefits personally off higher test (plus I'd rather avoid AI usage). 300-400 test, mast 400 plus would be what I'd do.
  12. Methyl Tren

    Inone do a 2.5mg per ml and Chiron a 2mg per ml. Both work very well and I've not needed to use a full ml. Triumph oral was very good also. If you're not feeling mtren something is off. I still think the old alpha pharma androxine was better (tren suspension water based). That stuff is the best tren type ped I've ever used.
  13. Longest you've blasted for

    Test npp first 10 weeks, test tren a last 10 weeks. Bulk then cut essentially. However for me personally I've learnt I need to hold a weight for a while before cutting so I wouldn't do that kind of cycle again.
  14. Longest you've blasted for

    Probs 20 weeks where I've switched compounds half way thru. Nowadays I typically do 120mg of test a week and then add on top for 10-12 weeks.
  15. Methyl Tren

    Yeah but 1mg should definitely be felt. But agree would prefer to use in one's or chirons that are 2-2.5mg per ml to only need to use 0.5ml.