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  1. Can someone explain what are you jabbering about?
  2. If I should not use serms then what about using hcg? but it seems that I am not completely suppressed.
  3. I am afraid that if I am not going to use serms then my testes will lose some cells in the leydig cells because they are not stimulated by anything. Isn't this the case? Because there will still some of the nebido until week 16.
  4. I injected nebido almost 8 weeks ago and I was using hcg in order to stimulate the leydig cells and then I stopped it and switched to clomid with nolvadex in the last 10 days and now my lh is 1.4mIU/ml is it better to continue with clomid and nolvadex. Or I have to continue with hcg and after the 12 weeks are passed then I switch to clomid with nolvadex? *Note:I am not willing to take another injection I know it is stupid to use nebido and then quit the treatment, but please who got any idea please help.
  5. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    then maybe it will stay for half a year until it is really out? because if he needs the other injection at week 16 that doesn't mean there is a zero remaining of it, but just means the remaining is not sufficient.
  6. Yes me and my partner want to conceive a child so it would be better to stop it right now and continue it later.
  7. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    Sorry I didn't understand what you are saying? Are you telling me that there was a guy who took nebido and after the third month he still has a high amount of this test in his blood?
  8. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    as far as I know, it is injected every 3 months but after the third month will you have zero amount of this testosterone left in your body and it won't be even possible to detect it in your blood? let us assume that you are not interested in taking another injection and you are waiting for your natural test to start being produced normally again for fertility.
  9. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    May I ask you for how long does nebido persist in your system?
  10. 6 weeks ago I injected nebido 1000mg/4ml, it was my first injection although my testosterone was not very low it was 14 nmol/l, I just wanted to be in the top of the physiological range but now I want to stop the treatment. In which week it will be effective to start using clomid?