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  1. You won £10 Million. What would you do?

    Keep it as quiet as possible,sort family members and a few close friends out,quit my job and spend a while travelling until the novelty wore off,settle down in the countryside buy a farmhouse,die,leave the kids the rest of the money. Either that or wax the lot on cocaine and hookers.
  2. Food sources?

    I'm buying more!!!
  3. Food sources?

  4. What are you passionate about?

    Awesome,California games was another classic that got hammered.
  5. Best sandwich

    @epons400 knows the dance French stick,Best Butter,Gammon or Yorkshire ham,Strong cheddar,Strong cup of Yorkshire tea.
  6. Big fors back to gym blog

    Like a bulldogs mouth full of mayonnaise.
  7. What are you passionate about?

    Totally agree,I went there as it was 5 minutes away and was interested at the time in starting some type of combat sport..had a few lessons with new coach a while ago and the training sessions are top notch compared to where I went kickboxing much more intense,little bit further to travel but its a brand new gym plenty of sparring and going to get my oldest daughter a few lessons as well see if she enjoys it. Watched some of dekkers stuff not long back on YT f**k me the guy done damage with his kicks.
  8. What are you passionate about?

    I'm back at it next week switching from 2 years of kickboxing to Muay Thai can't wait to get back at it,know that euphoric feeling as well mid training everything blurrs out and get tunnel vision stop thinking feel sharp as f**k
  9. This years holiday plans?

    3 nights on a haven caravan site next week,2 nights in a caravan end of next month at Haggerston Castle sure the wife thinks I'm a fu**ing gypsy,Bulgaria booked for July but not holding my breath on that one so maybe travel down to Devon for a week if that doesn't happen,see if I can get to Puerto Rico back end of the year to meet up with some friends over there.
  10. Council tax

    Kids used to cover me in chocolate and cream put a cherry on my head then stab me with forks...... Life was tough in the gateaux
  11. Thanks pal usually swap mine about as well mix and matching s**t to keep it interesting.
  12. You meals look spot on always looking for ideas for my own what's in the mince pal? Hopefully holiday mate got Bulgaria booked
  13. Very similar to how I do meals for work pal,not this week though finding it hard to find the time to prep meals..your picture has kicked me up the arse to get back on track
  14. First day back at the gym thread

    Them days of mad party's and getting 10 E dropped off at 6am in the morning are a distant memory.