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  1. Whats your Worst date ever?

    I can't settle
  2. Whats your Worst date ever?

    A s**t doesn't take an hour.....What the f**k happened!!!!
  3. Don't do drugs kids

    Closest I get to a party now is when I take the kids to a soft play party,Don't think I could mask the effects of dropping a gurner mid bouncy castle
  4. Mental health!!

    Got the image of a ninja turtle in an orgy.
  5. Polite yet sickening nonce

    Not gunna watch it can't watch stuff like that as I'd put my foot through the tv. I would happily and I'd do it for free be a one man firing squad and I'd execute every last one of them,bring the f**kers in on a conveyor belt and I'd shoot them in the face,12 hour shifts no bother just bring me a sandwich in every now and again.
  6. What a top bird

    I would not look her in the eyes as she was wanking me off it'd be utterly terrifying trying to climax and holding back tears at the same time.
  7. What does everyone do for a living?

    17 years scaffolding,5 years with first company 12 years with this one,work hard for what i earn just bought our first house as well which has been very stressful.....just done 8hrs in the pissing down rain getting home now and seeing the missus and 2 girls is what i do it for day in day out.
  8. Gang Culture

    This is why I apreciate money had to graft for it as a kid walking round with a black bag knocking on doors asking if I could clean the garden for 50p..Spend it on a mix up,bag of space raiders,a Freddo,and a tip top carton drink Got a bit older and could get single cigarettes off the ice cream van for 10p each.
  9. Gang Culture

    Grew up in a rough area but luckily I know how to fight.
  10. Rap artist name!

    Wowzer backwards
  11. My gift to the starving!

    Curtains to dry tears on!! Very thoughtful
  12. My gift to the starving!

    Stroking puppy's in the back of a van and eating Haribo's isn't lunch pal.
  13. Rap artist name!

  14. What do you want for Christmas?

    Don't ever ask for anything but the wife usually gets me a few bits to open,as long as the kids are seen right I'm happy. I look forward to a big dinner,2 weeks rest with not a lot of structure and plenty of lazy days.