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  1. Any North East lads doing MMA?

    Soon get sharp doing any sort of martial arts pal as with anything consistency is key,rack the hours up and gets easier doing pad work and sparring..been kickboxing a few years myself,was a bit nervous before i started my first class as i thought no one would give me any chance but people who i partnered with were helpful and encouraged me to stick at it.can't recommend any gyms as I'm a bit far for you to travel but 100% get into it,soon get the bug for it mate.
  2. Mcgregor fight tonight

    You can train all day long on speed and accuracy but it means f**k all if you've got a weak chin..can't take them heavy bats at all get's rocked easy. Good on Poirier for the win well deserved.
  3. Got 2 girls but going to be taking the oldest to kickboxing when it's back open,been doing bits of pad work with her lately which she enjoys and picked it up really quick,if she enjoys that possibly try her with mma or bjj. my main worry with having girls is there is some dangerous bastards walking this planet and i want them to be able to look after themselves....i also take her indoor climbing which she loves (well I did,we will resume that when it opens)
  4. Is homosexuality genetic?

    Everyone was a potential gay growing up in the 80s and 90s,soon as you left that front door you had to bring your fu**ing A game.... s**t haircut....Gay s**t trainers..Gay s**t tracksuit..Gay Couldn't climb a tree..Gay Couldn't play football..Gay Take your P.E kit to school in a Netto bag..Gay Run a bit funny..Gay Talked a bit funny..Gay Wouldn't go beck jumping..Gay Couldn't do a wheely..Gay Your mates could hear your mam shouting you in for your tea 2 blocks over..Gay Absolute minefield it was a full time job trying not to get bullied ha.
  5. 91 hardcore techno mix Rezerection

    These type threads make me want to come out of retirement and start 2 steppin again
  6. Nano 4mm 32G should do the trick.
  7. If that's the case f**k the delts I will insist mine goes in via the cock.
  8. Lad at work got a phone call off what he thought was his finance company who sorted his car finance for him,knew everything about him all the cars he's had and payments he'd made ect..got told he could claim back up to £10,000 that day from interest he'd paid but had to pay £400 admin fees first,voluntarily sent the guy £400 bank transfer,got another phone call later that day asking for more money took him that long to realise he'd been f**ked over,asked for his money back and the guy on the phone started laughing his head off (so did I when I heard the story) Said he phoned the bank and as he'd voluntarily sent the money they couldn't do anthing about it or couldn't claim nothing back. Thick as s**t haha.
  9. Holidays 2021

    I would of divorced on the spot for non participation as well bro
  10. Headphones and a resting bitch face solves dick heads wanting to chat,quick hello or a thumbs up to a few regulars if I catch there eye on the way in and that's my pleasantries done,I'm back kickboxing when it's back open no ego's in there just honest hard work
  11. Holidays 2021

    Me and the missus did pal got a guide to take photos on the way up for a few dollars,done no cliff diving though would of been well up for that.
  12. Holidays 2021

    Yeah mate Ochio Rios,going back about 10 years ago but lovely place Red stripe on tap and sipping Rum for a week loved it..also went horse riding along the coast can't remember the place now but worth doing.
  13. Holidays 2021

    Got Bulgaria booked for June,not holding my breath on going.
  14. Holidays 2021

    You go to Dunns River fall pal?