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  1. Well as I said... wasnt my choice Someone at the gym recommended a supplier, being my first cycle I decided to trust his advice. i ordered rohm test and the supplier decided to send Moldavian pharma instead! So obviously a crap supplier but as I’d already paid for it may aswell hope for the best.
  2. Rohm labs legit?

    Yeah everything is identical except size Well guess there’s only one way to know for sure haha
  3. Rohm labs legit?

    No line down either of theses pills! So not legit then?
  4. Rohm labs legit?

    Just hoping someone could give me the g2g! bought two lots of rohm Dbol from different suppliers and while they’re bottled the same (except one had cotton wool inside) the size of the tablets are different ? Anyone have better knowledge on this? Thanks!
  5. Moldavian pharma test e and Kalpa pharma Dbol
  6. This is where I’m confused I’ve used two different labs and some how seems there both no good then? Moldavian pharma - wasn’t my choice but tried it anyway and kapla for the Dbol
  7. Hey there! hoping someone could shed a little light on my situation. its my first cycle and unfortunately I don’t know anyone with first hand experience in these matters so I’ve tried my best to educate myself but .. I started pinning test E 250 every Monday and Thursday, this is my 5th week now and I’ve been taking dianabol 50mg for the last 3 weeks. Judging by what I’ve read I should have been noticing the effects by now? ive put on 2 kg so far which considering I’ve increased my food intake quite a lot this isn’t as much as I would have expected. I got a testosterone test on Monday, and the results came back at 27.2nmol ... so bunk gear right? I did my blood sample in the morning fasted before I was due my test e injection that day Also should the dianabol suppressed my natural testosterone yet? If so then the Dbol is bunk to am I right? I didn’t get a test before starting my cycle stupidly! also I’m 30 years old and around 105kg if that helps Thanks in advance for any help!