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  1. Bullion Pharma

    Have you used prostasia recently . I have seen someone stocking it and a couple of blends I like
  2. Talk of a third wave next year?

    So it's ok to just lift the ban on mixing for 4 days it's total bollox...
  3. Talk of a third wave next year?

    We will be locked down in January because the government is relaxing the laws for 4days so you can see people for Christmas that is ridiculous...so what about all the time we have been locked down and cant see people why did we have to do that then.. I see shops are having Christmas sales now that's probably because that know we will be locked down in January
  4. Ganja!

    Since the 1st of November go to your doctor's and if you fall into a criteria you can get a cancard.... So if your stopped by the police you can't get done for weed... but it has to be 2percent thc content...how are the police going to check what thc content is in your weed without sending it off to check.. They won't bother for small amounts
  5. Ganja!

    My wife smokes daily as it is her medication she has a good job and goes to work everyday...I can't touch it as it doesn't agree with me so it isn't for everyone a bit like tren.. So I'm all for it for People that need it . It will be legal here in the near future as there is much money in taxes .
  6. payment for gear

    You need to find a source you can trust then
  7. Labs for DHB

    Homesteroids don't sell Peds they just scam people
  8. You can book in all over the country ... Look online at blood donation.. I'm going to tooting blood donation in a couple of days
  9. nexus is this real ?

  10. best British movie

    I.d. Good film
  11. My hemoglobin is 183.... I have he'd a blood test yesterday to check iron and iron stores... I can't donate as I was honest on the form so I don't know what they will do about this
  12. Could be bad injection technique.. Best advice I read on here a few weeks ago to inject in glutes is to sit on edge of the bath And inject into glutes that way I have had no pain from injecting this way....
  13. Guilty Pleasure (Songs)

    https://youtu.be/7cB5VQAAOYk Floor filler
  14. Home blood dump kits

    Thanks understand
  15. Home blood dump kits

    Why do people do this ?