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  1. Haha
    Gymrat12 reacted to lewdylewd in What sport or hobby would you prefer to put your boy in when he reaches say the age of 5   
    Ahh 14 is he?
    Just started masturbating I dare say?
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    Gymrat12 reacted to Ross S in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    You got me there!
  3. Haha
    Gymrat12 reacted to sean m in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    Didn't all there soldiers wear mini skirts 
  4. Haha
    Gymrat12 reacted to shredcity in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    It's a behavioral choice. 

    I'd say most gays are just sex addicts who realized they could get a lot more action playing for the other team lol. 

    Bodybuilding crowd seems to be rife with homos. Rubbing baby oil on your body and posing in the mirror at every opportunity is pretty gay if you think about it. 
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    Gymrat12 reacted to Ross S in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    You  can actually find plenty of studies on this with a little digging, with no conclusive results one way or the other, while there are genes markers that relate to sexuality, there doesn’t seem to be any particular combination that will predict if a person is going to be predisposed to same sex attraction or not. I think it may be partly genetic but also hugely influenced by the experiences of that person during childhood and development years, just as many other behaviours are! 
    also, it’s not uncommon among animals too, so it’s certainly isn’t a human thing! 
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    Gymrat12 got a reaction from ausmaz in calculating your calories vs intuitive eating   
    Do we really eat as much as we need ? if our instinct is always a good indicator to what should be done; then we won't find some very skinny people and others who are obese! which proves that people's intuition is different from a person to another.
    but on the other hand; it is really tough to calculate our calories' intake  since we can't know for sure how much calories does our food contain, and what exactly our BMI is!!
    but can we say that if we avoided low quality food and all processed food then following our intuition will suffice?   I have been doing that for years and my body fat didn't change at all, although I gained a lot of muscles for sure and my strength increased a lot, but since my aim is not being strong but being in a good shape, I think I am going to start calculating my calories to make sure that I am in a slight calorie deficit.
     what is your opinion?
  7. Haha
    Gymrat12 reacted to Ironman TS in calculating your calories vs intuitive eating   
    Alternatively I’ve had a relaxed day of eating today although still track what I eat and I’ve already done 1000kcal more than I did per day the past month.  Some of us are just intuitively greedy bastards 
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    Gymrat12 reacted to Ironman TS in calculating your calories vs intuitive eating   
    If I ate intuitively I would be a mahoosive fat bastard.  I literally would not stop such is my appetite.
    So for me having a decent meal plan is the difference between making progress or just blowing up like a balloon.
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    Gymrat12 reacted to jd in What do you think about online coaching?   
    Swole, is there any online coaches you would recommend? I’m thinking of getting one this year just to see if their is a benefit 
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    Gymrat12 reacted to Ironman TS in What do you think about online coaching?   
    I think it’s also great to get a completely objective view from a third party time to time.
    A good coach can absolutely help you achieve your goals online or not.
    I’m personally planning to get myself one in Spring and it’ll be online so I clearly believe in the value.
  11. Thanks
    Gymrat12 reacted to swole troll in What do you think about online coaching?   
    Assuming you know how to safely perform the exercises and how to train hard then no it wouldn't make a difference whether it's online or in person. 
    Are you talking about coaching programs or actual coaching? 
    If it's a generic one off cookie cutter program then yes it's a bit of a waste of money.
    But for an actual coach, provided they are good at their job, there absolutely is a reason why some might hire one 
    Like 90% of bodybuilders, strongman and powerlifters do
    It's not just laziness, some don't have the time or patience as mentioned, some can't retain information as well, some suffer paralysis by analysis, some have ADHD always wanting to try this or switch that. 
    I get you're not for a coach which is fine and understandable 
    But not many are going to agree that they're a total waste of time for all. 
    Many coaches even choose to be coached by someone else for some of the above mentioned reasons.
    It's not a lack of knowledge, it's putting the thought and doubts in someone else's hands.
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    Gymrat12 reacted to Ironman TS in What do you think about online coaching?   
    Depends on the coach and their approach to be honest mate.
    Totally workable with the right person however if you’re specifically talking about well known bodybuilders making money by selling an off the shelf plan to a client then yeah that’s simply cashing in on celebrity.
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    Gymrat12 reacted to swole troll in What do you think about online coaching?   
    You've part described what people are paying for; 
    "people who don't want to do their own research" 
    Or they just don't have the time to.
    Secondly many like a coach to take total control so that they can switch off and just do as they're told.
    If you've ever cut extremely lean you can see why this might be beneficial as the mind starts to play tricks once you really start to get lean and or cut for a prolonged period of time.
    Same for a gaining phase where one might be confusing all weight gain as a good thing, a second pair of eyes can go a long way, particularly if they know what they're looking for.
    Essential? No
    Beneficial for many? Yes
    But as with everything there is variance in service provided.
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    Gymrat12 reacted to Jackoffblades in What does everyone think of Greg Doucette?   
    I don’t get why he’s even released a cook book. He has no chef experience not that I know off. If I want to buy a cook book I’d want to buy from someone who has years of chef experience 
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    Gymrat12 reacted to Jackoffblades in What does everyone think of Greg Doucette?   
    I want to stab him in the eye with a plastic fork
  16. Haha
    Gymrat12 reacted to BLUE(UK) in Bostin Loyd renal failure   
    Probably forgot to take his milk thistle or even dat cycle support. 
  17. Haha
    Gymrat12 reacted to Kazza61 in What the actual fcuk?!   
    I’m not sure what he uses but look back a few years to guys who used just steroids for decades and we didn’t see this. It certainly doesn’t help popularise bodybuilding in any way shape or form and even though he has no doubt trained hard, it’s difficult to congratulate him on that physique. 
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    Gymrat12 reacted to Chicken_Boy in Steroid alternativez   
    anything from CRAZY BULK is a fcuking scam
    i see that s**t everywhere online , and im sick of seeing it, to be honest
    avoid at all costs
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    Gymrat12 reacted to Sasnak in Steroid alternativez   
    40. Sooner if you’ve got children and don’t want anymore.
    Test only 
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    Gymrat12 reacted to \/\/ in What do you think about scottherman?   
    Yes.  The problem is the fake natties selling you a dream.  You have:
    1) Natty, e.g. Scott Herman
    2) Non-natty, but truthful e.g. More plates more dates
    3) Fake natty. >99% of youtubers
  21. Haha
    Gymrat12 reacted to vetran in Why ARE so many bodybuilders bald?   
    Everyone shaves there head once they get 12inch guns 
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    Gymrat12 reacted to ausmaz in What do you think about scottherman?   
    I don't watch his stuff, but I'm familiar with him..... off the top of my head id say he's probably slightly above average in terms of natural development..... 
    Again, I've not seen his recent stuff.... I think now he's doing more cross training, is maintaining good fitness rather than going all out for body building..... but imo, there's usually a reason guys like him are fitness models/influencers in the first place..... it's because they look good!
    The vast majority of trainers will probably not get near that.... again imo.
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    Gymrat12 reacted to alphafit in 3 inches on your guns v 3 inches in height   
    Hahaha. I am not lying bro. Come on give me a break 
    Why would I take 3 inches on the height, most woman I know are below 5ft5, why would I take any height when the average woman is 160cm tall
  24. Haha
    Gymrat12 reacted to mrwright in Naturals vs steroid users   
    I'm 86kg and Bench 70kg for 5 reps 
  25. Thanks
    Gymrat12 got a reaction from alphafit in Naturals vs steroid users   
    If you really can be that much good with no steroids then never touch them