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  1. Steroid alternativez

    No it was the only thing I have done and now I am just waiting for things to come back
  2. Steroid alternativez

    Personally I did almost 5-6 weeks cycle of test C and I didn't complete my cycle because my libido waned after just the first week; before touching gear my libido used to be sky-high but after steroids nothing was the same although all my blood tests were normal and when I consulted my endo he told me that not everything is understood by the modern science; and he just advised me to stop everything and wait for a homeostasis.
  3. Steroid alternativez

    In my opinion don't touch them before starting your family as Sasnak said; because even if you do one very simple cycle; regardless how great your baseline testosterone was or how young you are; there is nothing in the world that can guarantee that you will not crush your hormones forever and be on trt for the rest of your life which will put your fertility in danger. I know it is unlikely for that to happen but again how would you ever be sure that you are not this one percent of people who couldn't recover?! And I will tell you something else that you may not be aware of; any time you run a cycle it is unlikely to get 100% recovery even after doing the best pct possible and you waited two years after the cycle there will be a perminant damage to a degree; it can be very slim 3-4% or it can be 30% decline in your hormones or above. That what I found in studies and that what different endocrinologists that are specialized in testosterone therapy have said. And bear something else in mind; that libido and sexual ability is not always determind by your testosterone levels or E2 or prolactin. There are so many factors that even doctors and current medicine don't know that affect your sexual life, and a lot of people here in this forum they have reported that all their hormones came back to a good level but they still have sexual problems that they don't know the reason of nor their doctors do; that is rare but it happened!!
  4. Low SHBG

    I know it is a very old post but please someone tell me how can low SHBG cause low libido it doesn’t make since to me
  5. What do you think about scottherman?

    Yes exactly I think he represent what the best 50% natural bodybuilders can achieve by training and good diet.
  6. IF you don't know scottherman he is a natty bodybuilder on YouTube but he looks so normal and nothing that much impressive, is this the best thing an average natty can achieve?
  7. If we want to loose weight we should be in a calorie deficit that is for sure. But all of us have heard about keto diet and how it is affective in burning fat;but at the same time carbs are very important in building muscles and reducing the amount of your carbs may compromise your muscle gain. So from a natural bodybuilder prospective; what diet would be more advisable for losing fat? low carbs, or rich carb diet?
  8. Naturals vs steroid users

    If you really can be that much good with no steroids then never touch them
  9. Naturals vs steroid users

    And how much do you do if you want to do a full set of 10 reps.
  10. Usually they give the bride 15 thousand dollars at least
  11. Here in ksa we don’t use internet for dating and finding your future partner, we just tell each other that there is a single girl in this family and then the man propose to her family. So I wonder! are dating apps really a successful idea for dating? I don't know and I don't have an experience with it, but I have a feeling that these apps ment for dispaired people. I feel you will only find 30 years old girls and older and you will find one girl for each 5 dispaired shy men- I have read some disappointing statistics about that-.
  12. What is your favorite song you like to hear in the morning? I am sick of the songs that I listen to every morning I want new recommendations
  13. the question is: how would you really trust that she just had a kiss? and how would you be able to trust that she in fact had it 12 years ago? Maybe she just f**ked someone two weeks ago and she wanted to say it in a way that doesn't sound so shocking
  14. good movies from 1960s

    I think that is the movie that i am going to watch
  15. Islam is the religion of peace

    No I am an Atheist from islamic background