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    squeezemyhernia got a reaction from Sasnak in Add mast to npp test cycle?   
    Advise taken very much on board and I will try  350test/350npp/350mast. 
    I have always just been used to taking pretty big cycles after my first one so the thought of a smaller cycle I guess I just worry I will look juicy as I would like lol
    Yeah I am below 100kg at the moment. I'll see how I get on with the cycle you said did you justice 
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    squeezemyhernia reacted to invisiblekid in Add mast to npp test cycle?   
    I've run Test/NPP/Var, Test/NPP/Anadrol/Proviron and Test/NPP/Mast - I can safely say the mental sides associated with NPP were significantly lessened when running Mast. 
    In terms of physique Test/NPP/Anadrol/Proviron yielded the best results bar none. But I felt waaaay better on Test/NPP/Mast - libido was so high it was to the point of distraction! 
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    squeezemyhernia reacted to stuey99 in Add mast to npp test cycle?   
    To be fair mate, unless you had a decent home gym I'd assume you let your training slip during lockdown...but if you do have a decent home gym then you're one of the lucky ones to be fair
    You're also making assumptions on the guy based on what? What has he said that even suggests he knows nothing about training and nutrition??
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    squeezemyhernia reacted to js77 in Add mast to npp test cycle?   
    Some harsh replies there.
    He’s already said he’s aware of the fact that Mast is usually run with tren and he’s got a basic understanding of what it does by suggesting an enhanced libido and it’s ability produce ‘dry’ results .... or something along them lines. 
    Why is everyone so nasty on ukm?
    Just a bunch of juiced up bullies imo. 
    As said by @invisiblekid a test /npp/mast cycle can indeed be effective where the mast may reduce 19nor sides such as low libido and a general moody feeling.
    I find that including Mast on ANY cycle almost amplified the effects of the meds being used. Libido is insane, mood is excellent, strength increase, muscle hardness etc...... gotta love a bit of Masteron.
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    squeezemyhernia reacted to Shergar in Live well pharma   
    They look like the tub of mints my wife bought at the motorway services yesterday
    You will soon know if they are any good 
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    squeezemyhernia got a reaction from gavzilla in Add mast to npp test cycle?   
    My first post on here and I'm shot down in flames... i feel like I've been jumped into a gang 
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    squeezemyhernia reacted to Cronus in What do u recommend me for bulking   
    I've got a spare bed at my place if you want to bunk up with me for serval months 
    I'm very good with children x
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    squeezemyhernia reacted to js77 in What do u recommend me for bulking   
    Do you all live in one room or something?
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    squeezemyhernia reacted to Cronus in What do u recommend me for bulking   
    Thats a shame as I and many other prefer the side effects so not sure I can make much of a recommendation 
    500mg Test E and a bag of chicken nuggets every night should put some mass on you
    I like oral yes, but maybe not for beginners 
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    squeezemyhernia reacted to BLUE(UK) in The Death of Supplement Shops?   
    I like paying full RRP then I feel like I’ve had that personal touch round my ass. 
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    squeezemyhernia reacted to The Nolanator in 1rep max vs reps for hypertrophy   
    your body isn't able to go 100% all out regardless.  130kg is your 1 rep max but your body has enough muscle mass, tendon and bone strength to lift say 250kg. But your CNS limits how much it will allow your muscles to fire, in order to protect you, so it limits your 1 rep max.  If some wiring across your nervous system was changed you'd be able to lift a lot more with the muscle you currently have. 
    So 6 sets of 1 of say 95% of your 1 rep max isn't enough for the body to think it needs to grow much more muscle. It already has the muscle it needs to lift your 1rm as your muscle mass isn't the main limiting factor. 
    It's also the case that when lifting heavy singles your CNS burns out before your muscles break down. So when you're tired and can't lift 1 rep of 95% anymore it's not because your muscles are completely destroyed but it's because your CNS wants you to stop, the CNS starts to shut down making you lose strength. 
    So doing very low volume and high intensity will primarily train and make your nervous system more efficient and make your strength go up over time in this way, as opposed to primarily stimulating muscle growth. 
    When more reps are done such as 24-50 hard reps each workout (over say 3 to 10 sets), it's easier on the CNS as you must work at a lower % of your 1rm but tougher on the muscles breaking them down much more as they're under tension for a much longer time. For example 5 seconds per rep, 6 sets of 1 at 130kg your muscles are under a 130kg load for 30 seconds. But 5 sets of 5 at 100kg your muscles are under a 100kg load for 125 seconds. It works out that the muscles will be broken down much more with the 5 sets of 5 as whilst 130kg is more than 100kg, 125 seconds under tension is much more than 30 seconds. Overall 100kg at 125 seconds causes way more damage to the muscles than 130kg at 30 seconds.   Then the body has to repair all that muscle damage and is inclined to grow them back stronger. 
    If you do the same time under tension but different rest intervals for example 
    3 sets of 8 at 70-75% with 60 seconds rest in between sets  (24 reps total) 
    compared to 
    8 sets of 3 at 85-90% and 5 minutes rest in between sets (24 reps total) 
    Both of them now have the same time under tension and the 8 sets of 3 method has the advantage of a higher weight so it seems a superior method. 
    Although the 3 sets of 8 method uses less weight it also gives the muscles less rest both because more reps need to be done in a row and because there is less rest time between sets. This causes more rapid muscle breakdown and gives the pump feeling as the muscle gets filled with blood.  Then after this bodybuilders will typically move on to accessory work which uses lighter weight and isolates the muscle to further break it down. 
    So this bodybuilding method is really about breaking down the muscle quickly, lifting weights which are heavy enough to do that but not so heavy as to fry the CNS, and then moving on to accessories with lighter weights to really keep breaking the muscle down as much as possible and ideally in the shortest time possible so that you're not stuck in the gym for 6hrs. 
    The 8 sets of 3 method on the other hand gives the muscles more rest time so you get less of a pump, it's harder on the CNS and easier for the CNS to get fried so you may fail and not be able to finish all your sets and reps, it's easier for form to break down, easier to get injured, it's harder to recover from and might affect your next workout in a negative way if your CNS is still recovering days later, and it takes way longer to complete with so much rest time between sets (and without that rest time it'd be impossible to complete). 
    The 8 sets of 3 method takes about 50 minutes for one compound lift to be completed with 5 mins rest between sets, whilst the 3 sets of 8 method gets the compound lift done in say 10-15 minutes. The 3 sets of 8 guy can then spend the rest of the time on other accessory and isolation exercises to further break down the muscle whilst the 8 sets of 3 guy is still working on his compound sets. For bodybuilding (muscle breakdown) purposes 3 sets of 8 is going to be the more efficient training method then. 
    The 8 sets of 3 method is better for strength training as it'll train the CNS more and it's better for training strength in one specific lift like trying for a bench 1rm so it definitely has a place too. 
     sometimes bodybuilders do use strength training methods for a while and vice versa. 
    Personally atm I only do big compound lifts and I use 5 sets of 5 with 4 minutes rest between sets.  I like to lift a higher % of my 1rm.  For me compared to everything else I've tried I find 5 by 5 is a perfect balance between strength, training the CNS and hypertrophy and it's what's made my progress go up the most.  I think the 5rm is a magic number in a sweet spot for giving a little of everything.  But I am not that interested in bodybuilding I am more interested in being practically strong and I don't care if I don't look the best. If I cared only about bodybuilding I'd probably switch to a lower % of my 1rm, higher rep sets, less rest between sets, and more accessory work to isolate and completely break down the muscles after doing the compound lifts.