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  1. What would be best way to dose this cycle? Clen cos I wana strip my fat (5k run in morning, weights in the evening, 600k calorie def) test and drol cos I don't want to look anorexic Feel free to tell me this is a s**t cycle but please tell me WHY in detail PS merry Christmas eve !
  2. SG test undec 500

    Anyone tried this? Am I right in saying Southern Ghost are usually bang on with their oils so I should be gtg?
  3. Test clen superdrol

    Yeah tbh I have never tried superdrol but doing a lot of research got me excited. Clen and test it is for now then. Roll on the refeed!
  4. Fasted cardio or meal 1 first?

    Which is better? Smash down meal 1 then burn it off or do fasted cardio?
  5. SG test undec 500

    If this is sarcasm tell me now before I spunk any money please lol
  6. Collar bone pain when doing dips?

    As the title says, after doing bodyweight dips I always get a twang of collar bone pain when I stop. Not during. Any ideas on maybe leaning forward or back or not coming so low?
  7. "muscle memory" real or imagined ?

    I feel personally attacked
  8. Rip 220

    Bro you are asking to get shot to bits with a question like this with such a lack of info
  9. Best Joke ?

    Favourite joke ever? I'll start So my wife kicked me out purely because of of my terrible Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. But don't worry I'll return
  10. Illuminati

    In one case, they administered LSD to a mental patient in Kentucky for 174 days. TRIPPING FOR 174 DAYS STRAIGHT?!?! NO THANKS!!
  11. Why is white bread so popular

    white bread tastes loads nicer
  12. I drank 22 beers!

    Most I have drunk is 7 x 70cl of vodka over 50 odd hours with a mate. Plenty of cocaine consumed tho, seems to stop you getting pissed. Took some GHB with my mrs when I got home and we got horny and she licked my grimy sesh arsehole. True story. 6/10 would not recommend
  13. USA China Saudi Arabia USA
  14. Anybody buy Halal meat?

    I could never work in a slaughter house mannnn I will eat any meat but could not bring myself to watch animals die all day man
  15. Bulking cycle or cut

  16. Liverpool

    The accent makes me want to kill myself
  17. That is such a lie haha Being massive is the best no matter how hard it was
  18. Fireworks

    Waste of good coke money
  19. Gypsy Call Out Videos

    I used to live in Ash Surrey and there was loads of pikeys there I got beaten up by them after school because I stamped on a milkshake box and accidentally got some on one of them, and they used to shoot my mums cats with pellet guns, f**k pikeys burn the lot of them
  20. Gypsy Call Out Videos

    Sounds like a nice bloke
  21. Cineworld goes pop!

    Now I will have to do the dick in the popcorn trick in Odeon
  22. Awful pain PIP

  23. Bitcoin

    50% reship with proof of seizure usually
  24. Bitcoin

    But to buy bitcoins you transfer someone money and they send bitcoins from their wallet you dont actually buy them directly from a bitcoin factory
  25. Bitcoin

    Coinbase is shocking. localbitcoins is much faster and more convenient and they never hold your coin for any reason