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  1. Anyone used

    Dark ghost , southern ghost, SIS (oils only) Pharmaqo, androchem. biotekk all gtg.
  2. Calories too high?

    Far better off dropping test to 400mg a week. Doing a 600 cal deficit with 220g protein. chuck a bit of clen in if you want. re evaluate in 14 weeks
  3. Roid Rage Realisation

    BodyBuildingWarehouse. Got some good offers on
  4. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    Coming from someone who 'knows a guy' who used to reuse pins and barrels until they were almost blunt for IV use, I would say iy is not ideal but the chance of it giving you an infection , unless you are leaving it on the floor outside, is slim to none,
  5. Gym showers

    wtf is this thread
  6. If ever I have seen a phone that screams drug dealer
  7. Dark Ghost ?

    They send invites via pigeon mail. Gotta say 'dark ghost' 3 times in the mirror at midnight
  8. Cheat meals: Pros, cons?

    I read somewhere that it is vital to have 1 cheat meal per week to 'shock' your body and thus increase the momentum of fat burning in a deficit to the rest of the week. I usually have one Sunday evenings, most of the time a roast dinner and some sort of desert, but I always feel regretful after. Does anyone have any more insight into this?
  9. Cheers Stu. what % do you think aesthetics would come into play?
  10. Just wondering if and when to introduce on of these to my cut
  11. Clen opinion

    Take 80mcg if you can't thread a needle it's gtg lol
  12. Nexus , ROHM or Inone ??

    SIS put out a batch of shite and their rep never recovered
  13. Androchem

    Sold. MENT incoming!!
  14. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    Amazing stuff thanks so much. And so the hunt for HMG begins!