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    124455 reacted to jm2010 in ROHM Primo   
    I’ll just leave this here  yep Rohm defo s**t lab that’s why most of the top UK pro bodybuilders use it 

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    124455 reacted to JHMuscle in Who Home brews?   
    In theory I'd love to be able to home brew but the risks outweigh the rewards.
    The raw powders that you'd be getting from China are only going to be the same ones that the UGLs are using anyway to produce the gear here in the UK. Just let the UGLs take the risk and I'm happy to pay their prices on the basis that I'm simply buying and not selling with no legal risk to me whatsoever.
    We're very lucky in the UK that our steroid laws make it legal to use so just run with it and save the risky s**t to those that have nothing to lose.  
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    124455 reacted to stuey99 in Tren sides discussions and solutions   
    Keep test between 125-200 test (basically as high as you can go with estrogen in range without needing an AI)
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    124455 reacted to Wildkid in Injection - Rotating Sites   
    Yeah I was thinking of trying to add quads or VG , whilst I know it’s okay at the moment, I just don’t want to build up scar tissue. 
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    124455 reacted to JohhnyC in Who Home brews?   
    I fail to see the logic mate.  In fact I think it's the opposite.  It seems a piece of piss and you also have no clue what a UGL is going. At least homebrew you control the environment. 
    Agree on your points . TRT sure not worth it, but running cycles  for over a decade , B&C etc  the savings is well into the thousands. over the years  UGL is easily 20 times the  price. Peptides is where the big saving is MT2  £20 a vial minimum UK, here : 3 - 4quid and the quality is far better . UK stuff is shite  Easy one to assess straight way . In fact the nausea f**ked me on the first day as I was so used to UK dosing 
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    124455 reacted to Youdontknowme in 90 year old dies after vaccine!   
    Must have been all those nanobots flowing through he veins to track her. I heard old gates was gagging to know about her daily going’s on, bet he’s gutted 
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    124455 reacted to lewdylewd in Tax the rich to pay for covid   
    “Super Tax” in the U.K. is only 45%
    Middle to moderately high earners get screwed far more.
    In Scotland the nominal rate between £43k-50k is 53%. (Scottish set Income tax & UK set National Insurance)
    In the whole U.K. anyone who earns over £50k but lives with some one who gets child benefit will pay up to about 72% nominal between 50k-60k.
    And in the whole U.K. between 100k-125k you’ll pay over 60%. (Loss of personal allowance)
    They say these are “quirks” of the tax system, really they hammer the people they know are likely to be PAYE, or otherwise not be able to do much about it. They also know this is a reasonably small portion of the population who are largely a bit middle class (read compliant), won’t kick up a fuss, but are also probably less financially savvy than the real high earners.
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    124455 reacted to Clubber Lang in Reliable lab for Anavar?   
    i thought id saved the new Rohm oral colour chart but cant find it anywhere. They have changed colours since using the new larger tubs. Why they switched colours i dont know.
    as for Var the last ones i used were the new 25mg Hygene ones, just did 50mg for about 6 weeks.
    havent used Rohm Var in a long time so cant comment, but i know a lot of Rohm users and other than a tiny % of people saying the carrier oil gives them PIP, their products are very good.
    I usually try and stick with Neuro Pharma for Var as theyve always been spot on. Nice little lab that makes good meds.
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    124455 reacted to js77 in How much ml can you inject per site? And best site to use?   
    That’s certainly my experience mate.
    Years ago I made the mistake of using a long blue though and had a suspected DVT.... the pain was unreal.... a scan showed I’d obliterated a deep vein but nothing serious..... little blues and oranges only now!!
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    124455 reacted to Pez189 in How much ml can you inject per site? And best site to use?   
    That’s good to hear, Thanks for sharing. 
    Glutes, delts and quads it’ll be. 
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    124455 reacted to Pez189 in How much ml can you inject per site? And best site to use?   
    Been pinning TRT - switching delts and dorsogluteal. But for cycle with more volume. Say 2.5ml in one go, where’s best?
    I know Could split to 2 sites but I’d Rather pin once if possible.  2ml in 1 delt for example, that a good idea? 
    Also, what are traps like to inject, which needle? 
    Delts are PIP free for me (orange) but glutes (blue) not so much 
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    124455 reacted to js77 in Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II   
    Join the club mate... I’m 43 (look at least 10 years younger though  ) and the last 8 years have seen me riddled with injuries.
    The best bit of advice to anyone who’s looking to achieve at any sort of longevity in this sport is, warm up, stretch, RC work, DT massage and don’t lift with your ego.
    ....... boring as fcuk it may very well sound but nowhere near as boring as sitting at home for 12 months not able to train because of a severely torn RC!!
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    124455 reacted to invisiblekid in Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II   
    You do right mate. If bodybuilding/aesthetics is your goal, that makes perfect sense. Avoid injuries like the plague. Consistency is everything in this game and injuries right royally f**k consistency! 
    Just after 35 I had my best years so far, but after 37/38, I started to pick up more and more injuries, some serious. 
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    124455 reacted to Cronus in Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II   
    John meadows and even Dr Scott Stevenson advocates pump days in the training styles, something I want to explore more 
    I've got a tad bit of gyno too, not as glaring obvious in the pic but it's there 
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    124455 reacted to Cronus in Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II   
    Haha that's supposed to be my good shoulder!! It's the other side that has the tear.
    Was like 10 years ago, deadlifting. I think the way I'm Posing makes it more obvious and I'm also slightly leaning forward to the left as the stairs are right beside me and I was trying to get into the lighting 
    Yes mate, training smarter before training harder for me now
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    124455 reacted to Cronus in Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II   
    Post push WO
    Only time when I actually look like I lift is with a pump 
    Hovering around 5%bf......plus another 10 lol. Fat gains FTW, I never take my shirt off, even for sex, so aslong as I look hench with a t-shirt on that's all that matters 
    In reality I look a little better and leaner, this was taken with a s**t S7 galaxy phone 
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    124455 reacted to Seppuku71 in Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II   
    Me during first lockdown on furlough.  Had a tan coming on, gone now.  Might post one in the adult section too with my knob out:

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    124455 reacted to Diyan in Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II   

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    124455 reacted to Spieren in I take back tren doesn't make you horny   
    That would make for some interesting reading.
    I very much doubt we would feel enlightened though 
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    124455 reacted to Chicken_Boy in Before and After Cycle Pics   
    Now this is the most realistic transformation. The guy on the left is the look I'm going for.
    A couple more years on the pizza diet, on a cycle of 100mg Zopiclone a day, and I reckon I will nail it.
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    124455 reacted to stuey99 in Gyms opening!!!   
    Ditto mate
    I lived in Dubai for years...full of posh gyms...but I found the dirtiest, spit n sawdust gym I could find where the Indians and locals trained
    Air con was like a fuckin mouse's fart tho so summer workouts were TOUGH!!!
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    124455 reacted to Hawker90j in Gyms opening!!!   
    You don’t need a gym to make gains on gear. Especially at the doses you lads are running. Improvise
    I got in the best shape of my life during the last lockdown with nothing but bands, a pull-up bar and a positive mindset. 
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    124455 reacted to Tricky in Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?   
    Yea with my first wife and it’s something I can say I will never do again. I learnt a very hard lesson on how it effected her and myself. Was a hard price to pay and to be honest one I repay daily for lack of time with my kids. It’s not something I will do again ever as if I feel I’m not happy and have desires to do that I’m old and mature enough having walked that road to say to the female and leave her out of respect for her 
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    124455 reacted to Tricky in Anyone read this?   
    I took from that post it’s more metaphorical real world stripes. Who listens to a 19 year old kid giving life advice on multiple topics all of which they know and have experienced little? Nobody therefore he has to go learn. Experience, grow and mature earning his stripes if you will at life 
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    124455 reacted to KETONES in Anyone read this?   
    I get ya...he’s definitely got to have gone around the block a few times.