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  1. First cycle plan

    Im just wondering how long it will take for everyone to catch on
  2. Anyone else been in this position?

    Beautiful words there mate You should write a sex novel
  3. Novice physique/bodybuilding

    Honestly you dont have that far to go for physique Ive prepped for shows in the past but ive always bottled it in the lead up to it, its a mind game as much as it is a physical one . I lost a good friend in the past because of this who ended up competing without me and doing quite well If i was you id get a coach to help with the prep, diet and drug protocol leading up to the show. This is best done by the guys who know . Check out greg doucette's video on calum von mogers current condition , where he talks about calum putting size on in a calorie deficit There are some good competition logs from other guys who have done it, and its A LOT of work and dedication but i dont doubt you could do it given what you have achieved
  4. Novice physique/bodybuilding

    Can you share a better pic than your last bathroom selfie ? Ideally showing upper and lower body development No homo ... Well may be a bit of homo , its ukm after all
  5. You felt great last night because of the weed You felt sh** the next day because it sounds like you have issues you need to go and sort out in your life Throwing your toys out the cot on an online forum full of people who dont suffer fools wasnt a good idea Also , ive woken up feeling hungover from the first day after starting orals due to dehydration ...
  6. Deca, Equi + Mast

    Sorry i meant 2:1 ratio test to deca previously, not 1:1 Good advice tho guys, will keep it simple Mast is a compound I take for the feel good factor more than anything else, I do agree that stacking all these drugs is overkill Thanks again
  7. Deca, Equi + Mast

    there are lots of guys out there who look shocking given how much they take ive never done high dosages before. always moderate test (never exceeded 500mg per week ) and either 200mg tren or 300mg deca, depending on mg/ml so 2ml test 1ml other compound, in fact i doubt i ever will exceed these types of dosages im not trying to be the next mr olympia or anything i have often thrown in superdrol as well, or injectable oxy or winstrol preworkout
  8. Deca, Equi + Mast

    I have run EQ a few times, and i managed reached my biggest ever size on it (with a test base) tbh the deca only cycles ive done in the past have also done me good, i just like the idea of running both at the same time for the benefits you get for stacking them i want to run my trt protocol as a baseline year round, as i can run this on its own without ai Then i want to add in non-aromatising compounds for blasts, dropping back to my trt protocol afterwards you're right though , i am overcomplicating this, i just dont want to do blasts with high test anymore, maybe all the other compounds is me trying to compensate for that im not a fan of high test cycles, and if i was to ever change my mind on this i would rather have gyno surgery than adding in loads of extra drugs to try and stop gyno from developing Im going to do low test + mast + 19nor then, tren or deca, i dont know yet. Thanks for the help guys
  9. Deca, Equi + Mast

    I usually run deca and test at a 1:1 ratio, so 500/500 for example Previously i seemed to get away without much e2 control, however now its much more noticeable for me. I want to run sensible cycles without blasting loads of extra womens cancer drugs for e2 management. Im not going for the pro bodybuilder look, i might compete after COVID f***s off but it will probably be in the physique cat rather than opens, and this is just to have a goal to hit more than anything else (being sponsored has always been a dream though ) In short i want to avoid taking stuf that aromatises, and although I love tren, i know ill end up doing something i regret on it so im steering clear . Ive done some stupid things in the past on tren Deca is the second best option for me imho, never had any issues with it before Following this dropping back down to trt doses (with mast / primo) for 20 weeks then back on . Cheers for the mast tip mate I can do that What do you think of the deca / eq with low test ?
  10. Has anyone run deca , Equi and mast together and how did it go ? Found plenty of advice combining deca and equi and them being a good combo but not with mast Following @stuey99 previous low test protocol to see how i go with a low test dose so it would look like: Min 20 weeks No ai Test e 125 - 150mg a week Mast e 200mg week to help with mood and libido Deca 400mg per week Equi 500mg per week Stacked its not a small cycle in reflection , i will drop back to 125-150mg test per week 'trt' after 20 weeks If i suffer due to low test symptoms at any point ill bump it up to 300-450mg a week
  11. Golden era

    I found this pretty interesting Lee Priest ran stuff without test and only started after he had already won a few shows , just goes to show how insane his genetics are . Apparently this was the interview that ruined his career because he didn't hide his identity In Toms interviews some of the other ones are obvious (Big Ron!!) https://youtu.be/IORZeA0aLrI
  12. Aye, ive realised that now , thanks for the input
  13. Ok. 300mg tren taken on day 1. Day 5 theres 150mg tren still active in the bloodstream Day 10 there's 75mg tren active Day 15 37.5mg Day 20 18.75mg Day 25 9.375mg Day 30 4.675ish mg Day 35 2.3ish mg Thats how half lives of drugs work innit ? So my original experience of tren sides subsiding within 2-3 weeks stands. Thanks for correcting me on half lives, ive never given a sh** until now
  14. Then please enlighten me mate? Rather than posting that i dont know without any correction Interestingly theres not many studies on the subject , therefore all advice is anecdotal i.e. from the perspective of the user Ive run maybe 10 tren e cycles, and a handful of acetate cycles, and that is my experience with it The only side i suffer on tren is aggression , which to me is manageable
  15. It'll be detectable for months (depending on the method of testing) but the half life of tren e is 5 days, so within 10 days there will be no more active hormone in his system and the sides should start to subside Stop the tren and youll feel better within 2-3 weeks Id personally stay off orals if youre feeling that cr*p because youre removing one variable and adding another at the same time Lessons learned for future cycles then and maybe run tren a in future as its got a shorter half life