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  1. Dumbbell Weight??

    Thanks mate. Looking at a 40kg dumbbell set with the barbell. I've gotta start somewhere and on a limited budget so if I have to limit a workout to certain lifts due to the max weight I have then so be it. I can always add and improve what I have once work is back to normal and I have a bit more to spend. I'm sure with the right exercises, improved diet etc I can make some headway to where I want to be. Hopefully!
  2. Dumbbell Weight??

    Morning everyone! A quick question really.......looking to start doing some weights at home with the intention of building my upper body muscles mainly. I've never bought dumbbells before, I've previously been to the gym a long time ago but never worked out at home. I'm unsure of what weight dumbbells I should be getting for what I want to do. I'm 6ft, average build looking to increase upper body strength and muscle. I worked as a construction laborer so I'm not someone who has never lifted anything and so obviously need the right weight dumbbells to gain the benefits. I don't want to buy some dumbbells and them to be too light and not be able to increase their weight. Because of lock down I am doing this on a tight budget. I see dumbbells at 20kg for example, I presume that is 10kg per dumbbell. Is that heavy enough?? I see dumbbells at 40kg, again I presume that is 20kg per dumbbell, is that too heavy? I just don't know. Just some help and advice on the weight and what I should be looking for would be gratefully received and be a huge help. Thank you.