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  1. Females gym clothing

    Girl at the gym this morning had a go at a lad for staring at her. Her leggings were vacuum sucked into her butt, was wearing a sports bra and had a massive pair of melons. How can you dress like that and complain when men stare at you??? I can't keep my eyes of girls like that but maybe I'm just horny 247
  2. What’s your go to cheat?

    Went for a dominos today
  3. Do you guys prepare meals for the week ahead

    Cook everything from scratch because of Covid and working from home. If things ever go back to normal then I'll do 3 days ahead max, anything past that must taste like s**t
  4. First day back at the gym thread

    gyms happen to reopen on chest day. I Popped 7 dbols, 2 scoops of pre, cialis tab, half a joint and got a stupid pump. gym was also ridiculously packed for 6am in the morning. hope people fall off as quick as possible. can't be having to wait 10 minutes for a machine because 48 year old bob wants to do 20 sets
  5. The aftermath will be massive BLM riots which sleepy joe will do f#ck all about and the sheep here in the UK will follow which will be mostly white people. Only white people care about BLM in the UK lol
  6. What makes a good gym IYO

    Old school equipment. High ceilings. No gym shark clothes allowed on men. Gym shark clothes allowed on females though.
  7. Was waking down a road in Luton when 3 boys pull up and go "are you one of tommy robbinsons lot" and chased me with a machete Never visited again but it's say to say it's a s**t hole from my 1 time experience
  8. What do you think about trainedbyjp?

    Just googled AJ Morris and every black guy at my gym who know nothing about nutrition or training look 10x better than him. Better that. When I did a 6 year bird, everybody in jail had more muscle than him . sucks to have the average white guy genetics and hard work will not make u look good with s**t genetics lol
  9. Amazon is going to run every high street in 10 years time
  10. Whenever I'm feeling down, I order a hooker for £100 a hour so money can definitely make you happy! Can even do a £200 an hour for a tranny when I'm on Tren!!
  11. What do you think about trainedbyjp?

    Waste of £. Take drugs, eat food, and train hard. If you want advice then just dm a old school pro like eddie abbew or zach khan who will tell u how it is you don't need all that fancy s**t that he preaches about. reps in reserve this, tempo that, top set back off set and all this over complicated bollocks.
  12. What a sorry state of affairs!

    Proper c**t. Hope he gets hot water and sugar in his cell every night along with tuna in a sock and forceful tokes on a spliff of spice.
  13. T3 - Recovering after use

    it depends on the dose you'll be running looks like it'll only be 25 if u got 4 weeks left so u got nothing to worry abuot
  14. Just go protein vegetable until gyms open again, you'll be lean as f**k and respond crazy due to you being so lean, chuck some gear in and you'll explode!!
  15. Bench press of course. = big chest and big triceps and big front delts