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  1. T3 - Recovering after use

    it depends on the dose you'll be running looks like it'll only be 25 if u got 4 weeks left so u got nothing to worry abuot
  2. Just go protein vegetable until gyms open again, you'll be lean as f**k and respond crazy due to you being so lean, chuck some gear in and you'll explode!!
  3. Bench press of course. = big chest and big triceps and big front delts
  4. Hiring a coach

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get a new coach. Does anybody know of @joejefferycoaching on Instagram? He seems to be smart as f**k and know a s**t ton about gear and nutrition. Cheers
  5. The UK has one of the best benefits systems. If children are going hungry it's the parents fault, not the Government.
  6. Cutting motivation. What's my bodyfat?

    Are you trolling bro? no way your on gear
  7. going from 15-10% body fat

    Add in 500 cals worth of carbs and you'll have more energy which will lead you to burning even more fat 1500 is way to low for 15% body fat
  8. Golden era

    Deca and dbol when putting on size, no carbs and winny when wanting to lean out
  9. I though I'd seen it all, this is beyond insane.
  10. Collar bone pain when doing dips?

    It will defo be leaning forward as the more you lean forward the more clavicle/chest you target. the more upright you are the more tricep u target. Just f**k off the movement. Don't do any movements that bring you pain.
  11. Couple of grand to spend

  12. I’m going to get stoned on weed!

    you must be chatting s**t mate, no way you haven't touch the dank in 3 years and can just smoke two blunts like that. you must've been off your rocket
  13. How f**king stupidly retarded

    Glad I train at a dirty, weights all over the place, pinning in the toilets, everyone juiced out of their mind gym and nnot one of these commercial s**t holes
  14. What's my bf? Would you bulk or cut?

    100% cut, you should never not have visible abs
  15. Bulk or cut pics included

    In the second pic you look like you've never stepped foot in the gym