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  1. Weekend binges

    If you can stick to a diet mon-fri then just suffer hard, go protein and veg mon-fri then have your binges on the weekend. your performance will most likely suck but you'll still lose weight unless your binges are crazy!!!!! or you can man the f**k up, grow some balls and not binge on the weekend if your serious about your goals
  2. Argos still out of stock on fitness equipment

    Just got my 6x20kg plates, olympic bar, power rack and bench delivered as there's a high chance gyms are gonna close as we ease into winter. I ordered from Dolphin Fitness
  3. BBC salaries...

    If they even try to enter the house when you open the door, you're simply not big enough
  4. How Much you spend on food per month?

    I just realised that I spend over half my salary on food a month lmao f**k 800 a month
  5. Youtubers

    Honestly don't know how anyone could sit through a full vid from this guy. I find him annoying as f**k!!!
  6. Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic

  7. My gym is filled with cybex, nautellius and a f**k ton of hammer strength kit and is only £10 a month I don't believe you pay that much no fu**ing way. even if you're rich your still a dumb f**k
  8. 15 year old students f**ks his married teacher

    Good on him. Why didn't none of my teachers look like this?
  9. 1) get blood done so u have a health panel to get back to when your off 2) don't use adex unless needed 3) increase 12 weeks to 16-20 week 4) train and eat like a beast but dont think u can eat a f**k ton because your on cycle, you'll end up a fat f**k
  10. Injections getting harder

    Just rotate site and try again next week or after and I'm sure you'll be g2g. Glutes, Lats, Quads and Delts are the most common.
  11. 1) 3 plate bench 2) 4 plate squat 3) 5 plate deadlift
  12. You don't look like you lift in clothes, wtf are you doing!!!
  13. Average gyms

    It's hard to tell as it's really training and nutrition that will give you the 'on gear' look. I'd say 5% of people are on gear at my gym as they all look like fu**ing s**t. There's probably only a good 40 out of 1000 people that look like they lift in clothes.
  14. I used to eat 3-4 times per week on average

    You got a new phone, grew your hair and increased your daily meal intake. WOOOOO!