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  1. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    Thanks, it's all appreciated.
  2. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    Thanks mate and for all the answers. Just helps when starting out. No point doing anything if u do it wrong! ?
  3. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    Perfect. That does answer it or I understand that. With regards to taking whey protein I just thought that helped with building your muscles and helped them recover after workouts. Is this not the case? Any advise appreciated.
  4. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    I know eating healthier and increasing my general exercise I would lose it anyway. It's just knowing whether I can start working out using weights and taking the whey protein or if that will stop me from losing the fat I want to lose and work against that really. My diet I need to learn more about so I get it the best I can once I start looking to build muscle. This I've never done before.
  5. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    Ok. I'm very new to all this. My main aim is to gain muscle but obviously I want to lose a bit of fat as well or first. It's only a small bit on my stomach. I normally do plenty of exercise with work but with being unable to work for quite a while I've not had the exercise so clearly put a bit extra on but not anywhere else.
  6. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    Hi all, I've had very different answers on this so a bit of advice would be very much appreciated. I only hold too much fat around my stomach nowhere else (beer belly!). Although not drunk anything during lockdown it's increased a bit more doing less exercise. Before the pandemic I wanted to increase my upper body strength and muscle mass. I now definitely need to lose some weight around my stomach. The question is, can I still lose the stomach fat whilst increasing muscle? I've been told no I can't yet others have said as long as I'm doing the correct exercises and eating well I will automatically lose the weight whilst working out. I'm not looking to get too obsessed with it but to eat healthier, take protein whey to help with the working out and the days I don't use weights I'll be running. Is there a contradiction there and a problem with that or would that simple plan have some effect and enable me to build muscle and lose some stomach fat as I do it? Please could you advise. Thanks very much....
  7. New starter confused!!

    Thanks. After reading a number of posts since joining would I be wrong in thinking that you can actually lose some fat whilst at least building some muscle as the workouts plus some cardio stuff will burn the fat as well, or at least help? The only fat is stomach fat and that was mainly down to a few too many pints when being less active. It's got slightly worse through lock down and doing less exercise. In my work I used to work I used to walk a couple or a few miles every day but that stopped due to the pandemic. My initial thinking was just to use the whey protein, do 3 workouts a week and in between the workouts do 2 or 3 decent walks. Actually rucking, walking a bit less distance but with a weighted backpack on. I did that a couple of times using a big bag of sand in my rucksack, was fairly heavy I have to say but quite enjoyed it. So doing that 2 or 3 times for a bit of extra cardio but it also helps a bit with strength all over the body as well as posture I believe. Thoughts and comments on that as a programme would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks.
  8. New starter confused!!

    Hi all, I'm wanting to start some home training (just impossible to get to the gym at mo) with the aim of increasing muscle and strength certainly on my upper body but also to lose some fat around my stomach. I'm 43 and no longer have the physique I had a few years when playing more active sports! The reason I am confused is I have had different advise on the the types and ways to exercise and what supplements I should be taking to help. So I thought I'd join here and ask those with experience and the knowledge in hope someone would help me. Can I start with the supplements as I have ordered my dumbbells and exercise mat and would like to get sorted the supplement side of things so I have everything I need. Some have said I need to be taking Whey Protein, some have said I'd be better using Muscle & Size Gainer or Serious Mass because of what I want to achieve. I'm also told that an additional testosterone increasing supplement would be really helpful maybe because of my age I think. HGH was then mentioned and I just got confused with what I need to be taking and I would like to know that when I start I'm taking the correct supplements as well as doing the correct exercises. Please could you advise on the supplement side of it and what would be best for me to use to get the best results in the quickest time. Thank you.