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  1. Lost weight, now gaining!

    Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Lost weight, now gaining!

    Sorry for the delay in getting back and thanks for your reply. Yes, I've attached a pic to try help. Lost around 6.5 inches around the waist where I wanted to lose it before adding, but as I say I've obviously lost it everywhere which I don't like but understand it has to be done. There's still a bit from the stomach area I'd like to lose I think but not sure if a bit will come off by working out and still exercising. I'm sure you will advise on that if possible. So my diet/fitness plan has been really simple. Running or rucking first thing followed by various exercises. A protein shake after that. Dinner I just had 4 Weetabix with bananas and strawberries followed with a yoghurt. An apple and a 4 mile walk in the afternoon. Evening meal, either beans on wholemeal toast or turkey/chicken with boiled potatoes and salad, followed with another yoghurt. Although that seems a very boring diet, I am quite a fussy eater which makes it a little harder but I did stick to that and I can't say it hasn't worked so far. A little advise on my next steps would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Lost weight, now gaining!

    Hi all, So I've now lost the weight I needed to after a very strict 16 weeks before Christmas. Thank you for all the help and guidance I've had from on here. I currently feel I need to do another 2 weeks after the Christmas eating but after that I now need to put weight back on in the right areas. I had to lose weight from my middle which I have done but obviously you lose it everywhere. I now need to add weight but not back around my middle. I kept to a very strict diet and exercise plan to lose it. Please can anyone now help or give me any suggestions on what I need to do to my diet in order to add weight in the right way? What I might need to add, how often etc. How my exercise needs changing from all aerobic exercises to adding workouts with weights at home. Any help will be greatfully appreciated as always. Thanks
  4. Help to lose last bit of fat!

    Thanks mate. I measure every Thursday, lost a little bit more again in the last week and another inch from around my stomach. Wish I feel like it looks that dramatic but still feels I've a way to go. Will be looking at the above on top of what I'm doing. I don't really want to be losing weight everywhere as the long goal is to then bulk up a bit. Gonna be a long road and a long way back! Next challenge will be putting weight back on but in the right places. Will come to that when I get there!
  5. Help to lose last bit of fat!

    Well done mate. You're right though, it is stubborn!! What are Stomach vacuums? Yeah I didn't think you could really target areas of your body. Just keep going!
  6. Help to lose last bit of fat!

    Well done mate. You're right though, it is stubborn!! What are Stomach vacuums?
  7. Help to lose last bit of fat!

    Thanks. Can't eat any less! Lol! So ok need to up the exercise. Will added exercises aimed at the abs area help lose weight there quicker or even doing those exercises I'd still just lose weight randomly?
  8. Help to lose last bit of fat!

    Hi all, Some may have seen my earlier post. I'm looking at building myself up a bit but firstly need to lose some belly fat. It's been 5 weeks since I started and I've so far lost just over a stone. I feel I need to change something to complete what I'm looking to achieve. But I'm no expert so any further input would be greatly received. I've lost just over 2 inches around my stomach at present but I really think I need to lose the same again. As I expected, I lost quite a bit over the first couple of weeks but now it's getting less and less each week. I feel I need to change something or add something to lose more inches around my stomach. I'm happy with what I've lost so far but there's still a bump I desperately want rid of before I start building back up. To give you an idea of what I have done, I changed my diet vastly from a very u health diet to a more healthy diet. An example would be 3 weetabix with strawberries and banana in the morning, just a protein shake and a yoghurt at lunch, an apple during the afternoon and a chicken salad with boiled potatoes followed with a yoghurt at teatime. I walk 4 miles first thing when I get up and the same route again later in the afternoon, with between 10 and 12 kilo in my rucksack to hopefully help burn a few more calories. That's a typical day just so you know what I'm currently doing. What could I do to lose more fat around my stomach, I'm not that far away! Do I need a more vigorous workout? Exercises aimed more at my stomach area? Or something else? Any help to try get me where I want to be within my 8 week target would be fantastic. Thanks.
  9. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    Thanks, it's all appreciated.
  10. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    Thanks mate and for all the answers. Just helps when starting out. No point doing anything if u do it wrong! ?
  11. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    Perfect. That does answer it or I understand that. With regards to taking whey protein I just thought that helped with building your muscles and helped them recover after workouts. Is this not the case? Any advise appreciated.
  12. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    I know eating healthier and increasing my general exercise I would lose it anyway. It's just knowing whether I can start working out using weights and taking the whey protein or if that will stop me from losing the fat I want to lose and work against that really. My diet I need to learn more about so I get it the best I can once I start looking to build muscle. This I've never done before.
  13. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    Ok. I'm very new to all this. My main aim is to gain muscle but obviously I want to lose a bit of fat as well or first. It's only a small bit on my stomach. I normally do plenty of exercise with work but with being unable to work for quite a while I've not had the exercise so clearly put a bit extra on but not anywhere else.
  14. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    Hi all, I've had very different answers on this so a bit of advice would be very much appreciated. I only hold too much fat around my stomach nowhere else (beer belly!). Although not drunk anything during lockdown it's increased a bit more doing less exercise. Before the pandemic I wanted to increase my upper body strength and muscle mass. I now definitely need to lose some weight around my stomach. The question is, can I still lose the stomach fat whilst increasing muscle? I've been told no I can't yet others have said as long as I'm doing the correct exercises and eating well I will automatically lose the weight whilst working out. I'm not looking to get too obsessed with it but to eat healthier, take protein whey to help with the working out and the days I don't use weights I'll be running. Is there a contradiction there and a problem with that or would that simple plan have some effect and enable me to build muscle and lose some stomach fat as I do it? Please could you advise. Thanks very much....
  15. New starter confused!!

    Thanks. After reading a number of posts since joining would I be wrong in thinking that you can actually lose some fat whilst at least building some muscle as the workouts plus some cardio stuff will burn the fat as well, or at least help? The only fat is stomach fat and that was mainly down to a few too many pints when being less active. It's got slightly worse through lock down and doing less exercise. In my work I used to work I used to walk a couple or a few miles every day but that stopped due to the pandemic. My initial thinking was just to use the whey protein, do 3 workouts a week and in between the workouts do 2 or 3 decent walks. Actually rucking, walking a bit less distance but with a weighted backpack on. I did that a couple of times using a big bag of sand in my rucksack, was fairly heavy I have to say but quite enjoyed it. So doing that 2 or 3 times for a bit of extra cardio but it also helps a bit with strength all over the body as well as posture I believe. Thoughts and comments on that as a programme would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks.