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  1. Just about to finish a simple first cycle of 12 weeks testE at 500mg per week. Felt fine throughout and happy with progress! No HCG taken throughout. My PCT, 2 weeks after my final pin is 4 weeks long with the following doses daily per week: 75mg/50mg/50mg/50mg Clomid 20mg/20mg/20mg/20mg Nolva How long ROUGHLY will it take for the old swimmers to start working again and essentially have a “natural” fertility/sex system?
  2. Hey all - If I was to cycle Test-E at 500mg per week for 12 weeks but decide to stop at say the 4-5 week mark - would I still run the exact PCT (Clomid/Nolvadex) I was planning after the 12 week cycle? Or would I reduce time on the PCT, or reduce dosage for example?