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  1. TRT - 39

    I am 39 and it has to be said my sex drive has fallen off a cliff in the past 6 months, also been feeling really depressed and sore joints. I have had blood taken twice recently one had 12 nmol the other 18. I am told this is within normal range. I spoke to the Leger clinic and they do not recommend any TRT, are there any other options? Everything else comes back clear.
  2. Folding power rack

    Hey guys have a basic power rack in my home gym but it takes up a lot of room and is a problem if I am doing things like my capoeira class which is being run online I wanted to know if there is such a thing as a folding - out power rack and it seems there are a couple out there eg this one https://www.fitness-superstore.co.uk/body-power-deluxe-folding-power-rack.html Any expeirence with this type of thing guys thnkas

    Thanks mate - its a Dunster House. Think the TUin ones are quite expensive, you can get Billy Oh ones even cheaper but they are shite https://dunsterhouse.co.uk/premiumplus-severn-w5-0m-x-d3-0m No I didnt put any extra stuff underneath (The Log cabin is the 45mm thick wall one) but the slab is reinforced with metal grids, so should take a lot of weight... I could have built the LG straight on the slab but as the slab is slightly wider than the footprint of the building, I would have been opening a world of pain with damp.... J

    Heres the other side... its 3m by 5m sizee....

    This is mine. Other side of gym coming in separate post... Looking about £5k including the conc base and the log cabin it sits in
  6. Hello chaps I really struggle with getting gains on the bench. M/39/5'9''/73kilo I currently press 70kilo on the bench. Have tried wokring my way up/ and pin press, neither seem to help. i did have an injury on right arm (Trapped nerve) that seems to have gone away with some chiropractic treatment but still... any tips? I seem to get an 'anxiety' before benching.... that i dont get with dead, squat etc.
  7. Hello from Sevenoaks in Kent

    Hi im James - 39 and I have a home gym. I am having a few issues with Bench press and overhead, so thought I would join up and join in. Look forward to my time here thanks J