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  1. Warm up for squats

    5 mint warm-up you must do before squats without the proper warm up athletes can suffer a variety of injuries to their lower back , hips and knees proper warm up should work the entire body not just the legs
  2. building muscle in your 30s

    yes anyone can building muscle at any age follow these steps Make Mobility a top priority do compound exercises for strength and muscle mass listen to your body drink a lot of water
  3. Would like to gain weight

    take a good diet plan eat peanut butter and do yoga
  4. Advice on purchasing a treadmill?

    Purchase a treadmill with a minimum 5 year motor warranty 2 year parts warranty and is covered for one year of service belt size at least 48" long and 16" wide simply put a running surface long enough and wide enough for your stride
  5. Olympic Barbells / Dumbbells

    wow that's great i also wanna buy this
  6. Do you count calories?

    no i never count my calories