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  1. Rohm Labs

    I think it's actually r.o.h.m so it could be n abbreviation of some sort mate I could be wrong tho
  2. Rohm Labs

    Cheers clubber?
  3. Anyone used

    Tried there mass 450 did nothing at all as someone stated use rohm my go to now
  4. I HAVE A SMALL LUMP UNDER MY LEFT NIPPLE CURRENTLY ON TRI TEST 400 AND DECA N ANADROL , 600 tri test, 450 deca weekly, 100mg anadrol daily. What a.I is best to use to help with gyno on this cycle also heard tamoxifen can help. Advice please??
  5. Is Ghost+ the same as SG?

    Is this a good lab to use??
  6. UKMEDI.CO.UK - New site sponsor :)

    Crazy answer but fair enough
  7. UKMEDI.CO.UK - New site sponsor :)

    Why pay if u live in uk when you get free steroid packs ( needles green n blue, barrels, wipes)from pharmacies don't understand sorry
  8. Rohm Labs

    Does anyone know what colour rohm anadrol are plz??