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  1. Hi - so i've been training at home since lockdown with a basic Bodymax squat and dip rack and bench. Really missing the cable machine from the gym, and looking to get a power rack. Rather than get 2 items and completely take over the garage, I'm looking for a power rack which has cables (both sides). I've seen some all in one functional trainers, but they're silly money. Then I came accross this: https://www.titaniumstrength.co.uk/titanium-strength-b100-all-in-one-functional-trainer.html . Seems to tick all boxes - smith machine, squat rack, adjustable cables on both sides, lat pulldown, and loads more. Seems good value. Anyone had any experience of this? And any alternatives? Domyos used to do one BM970, but quite a while ago.
  2. Bench help

    Hi,I've decided to cancel the gym membership, and get some equipment at home. I've seen this bench: Jetstream MM300 FID Utility BenchHas anyone had any experience of it? I can't seem to find any info on the company Jet Stream, no reviews apart from what's on powerhouse's page.I'm looking for a good bench with incline/decline. I have a squat rack, I just need a bench. This has preacher pad, and legs attachment which I thought was a bonus. I can't find much with these add-ons for this price. Any advice appreciated.
  3. Where can I find a decent bench

    Did you end up buying this? I'm also looking at it, but I can't find any reviews other than what's on Powerhouse's site. And cant find any info on Jetstream, other than I think its an Australian company. Their only UK seller is Powerhouse as far as I can tell.