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  1. Chest tattoo in on!!!

    Oh yeah of course I get it now? Like joining a union of dentistry together but in a tattoo sense. Are you serious you cock fucker??
  2. IQ test!

    Take one post your stats up big boy!
  3. Chest tattoo in on!!!

    Not by a dentist no... yes on my chest!
  4. Chest tattoo in on!!!

    An amalgamation of the three...
  5. IQ test!

  6. IQ test!

  7. IQ test!

    Do a test see what you get??
  8. IQ test!

    I just did an IQ test!! I scored better than 87% of people that take the test! I’m a fu**ing genius!
  9. Best chat up lines you ever used!

    That’s a little harsh....you have to keep her sweet in case her mate doesn’t like you...
  10. Best chat up lines you ever used!

    Or my other favourite is are you a fan of extraterrestrial life on Mars?
  11. Road Warrior Animal

    What?? It is....I was a massive fan of him I even had his spandex suit in a cabinet at home!
  12. Road Warrior Animal

    Hmmmmm yes very sad news indeed!
  13. Any decent autobiographies to read?

    I have one out actually...about the old milli vanilli days of the late 80’s It’s on sale in Lidl for 97p not a bad price for a book of pure golden experiences!