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  1. Just found this!

    Just found a bogey on a wall!
  2. Praying hands of the lord!!! Amen!
  3. What are your plans for Christmas?

    OMG a TURK! Jeeeez that’s desperate mate I feel your pain
  4. What are your plans for Christmas?

    You were dreaming.
  5. Mountain bike trail riding

    I haven’t really done much trail riding on a mountain bike but been riding super bikes and motocross for 25 years +
  6. Home Enema’s!

    Oh shut up you antioxidant Enema loving wet wipe! I just called the queen she said she’ll give you a plastic spoon for your good service on UKM
  7. A good read!

    https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/neuroscientist-wants-tell-you-whats-wrong-your-brain-1-180959985/ One for @TheAnimalLifter
  8. Home Enema’s!

    Coffee holds lots of antioxidants....keep up ya wet wipe!
  9. Aaron lambo

    I wonder when Aaron will comeback from his 19nor dream world?? He’s been gone a while!
  10. Christmas present ideas!

    I just run it under a hot tap....
  11. Anyone got a personalised no plate

    Have you had it done??
  12. Anyone got a personalised no plate

    Mines soooooo expensive you wouldn’t have that trouble....I’m a self employed Surgeon subcontracting from the NHS!
  13. Home Enema’s!

    Has anyone tried this I have a rather painful headache an they say it may relieve it!
  14. Anyone got a personalised no plate

    I have an extremely expensive personalised plate I dare not say how much it cost as people may think I’m staggeringly rich or something!!