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  1. DBOL

    Honestly mate, Everyone slated Dbol only cycles but my first 2 cycles where dbol only and had nothing but good gains from it did get a tidy bit of gyno because i didnt you'se arimidex but still i gained 20 pounds on my first cycle with 30 mg of dbol a day for 5 weeks and believe it or not i didnt lose more than 3 pounds when i came off probably because i was eating so much and probs 10 pounds was fat but still for 5 weeks it was insane so i would recommend dbol only cycles to be honest
  2. Second Wave

    I hope so don't want gyms to shut again lol
  3. Second Wave

    Looks like a second wave is closer than we think, especially up in northern England. Do you think they will do a full scale lockdown again?
  4. Pin boner

    i'd love for a girll to tickle my bumhole while pinning me fuckkkkkk that would make me so erect
  5. Pin boner

    So about 10 seconds after I pinned 400mg of sust I got a hard on straightaway out of the blue anyone had similar experience and if so how did you deal with it :?
  6. Tren

    I was thinking 350mg of Test E and 200mg of Tren E ( weekly) for around 10 weeks?
  7. Tren

    What would be an okay starting dose of tren and which would be better tren ace or tren e ?
  8. Your favourite exercise in the gym ?

    Bench Press, Deadlift and V Bar lat pull down
  9. Alot older woman

    6 years isn't that big of a gap honestly
  10. British Dragon

    Cant get my camera on pc to work but here is the exact same one I've got
  11. British Dragon

  12. British Dragon

    Ye I understand but I was just asking if anyone has had any recent experiences with them, also is it info at the end the web?
  13. British Dragon Decabol (deca) are they still trusted or ?
  14. PIP

    I'm trying but I feel like I've been bummed by purple aki
  15. PIP

    I'm going picking some Test E up tomorrow and just scrap the sust for a rainy day lol