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  1. Since been on course I've not touched a drop and I'm around 8 weeks in as we no drinking isn't good for health generally speaking full stop but we all like a few beers now and then would i be ruining my cycle/gains if I was to go out and have a few beers or does it fall into the moderation bracket cheers people
  2. Test e information

    Thanks mate i did think that but just wanted to make sure
  3. Been on test cyp around 7 weeks and ran out and couldn't get hold of anymore so got test e as its practically the same thing only real difference being a day or so shorter half life.. Will it take weeks to kick in again or will it just take over straight away as I've already been on cyp 7 weeks thanks
  4. British Dragon

    Ive got some of there cyp and enenthate how you getting on with it seems to be decent enough did u check yours on website
  5. British Dragon

    Any what difference does that make? Everyone uses it round my way but dont can't say it its brilliant ive had abit of there cyp I dont think its best stuff hard to say its OK have u used it also alot of equilia and pharmatek to
  6. one rip 200

    I said it dosent blow up like dbol haha anyway why we having a argument on the Internet LOL im on one rip had good hard muscle gains I said its nothing like dbol
  7. one rip 200

    What do you mean
  8. British Dragon

    I'm using this stuff there cyp what.mak3s u say its from.moldova I've heard from.china and from Poland....
  9. British Dragon

    White packets 1mil.ampules mate site has info in web address im using bd cyp
  10. one rip 200

    I know it.dosent are u listening ffs! I'm on one rip and no water retention which goes without saying
  11. one rip 200

    I dont like the way your speaking to me so I said your a clown I no it dosent aromatise but the point to my question was that it packs on lean solid muscle mass apposed to dbol which is water anyway regardless its irrelevant im.doing fine
  12. Southern ghost

    **Read the Forum Rules**
  13. one rip 200

    Mate stop running your mouth u clown I didnt see your message i no it dosent aromatise that wasn't the point I was making I said its good for strength and muscle gains and lean muscle increase im only running fairly low amounts about 150 200mg a week tren in the one rip
  14. one rip 200

    Mate I am listening and the tren I am using is in the one rip in a low dose so not hammering it and I have done my research but always good to gain additional knowledge
  15. one rip 200

    So hard lean muscle gains rather than thr bloated look so tren will give hard look and muscle gains opposed to say dbol which holds water etc