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  1. First mini cycle

    Thanks for all the replies. Lots of advice to process...
  2. First mini cycle

    Djibril Pez189 Appreciate the replies. Looks like I didn't do my research on Anavar then I had the mistaken belief that Var in combination with TestC would increase the anabolic effectiveness of the Test thereby potentially raising E2 - the increased HCG and AI were to counter this. Thanks for clarifying that! So i'll keep the TRT protocol as is and look to raise the Var to 50mg. Unfortunately I was only able to get 100 (10mg) tabs of Pharmacom Var - everyone seems to be out atm. So with the legit stockists I know I have a choice of Intex, Elixir Labs and Pharmaqo. Pharmaqo seems to be SIS rebranded which I think gets bad reviews for its orals, Elixir I can't find much on and Intex seem hit or miss. Worth trying one of them or do I need to keep looking for a better brand?
  3. Hi chaps, Been on TRT for approx 4 years which has been fantastic in every way. Currently on 96.25mg TestC p/w and 700iu HCG p/w. Finally been able to book a holiday (in 7 weeks) and am now ready to do a cut. Ideally want to keep as much of my hard earned gains over the last 6 months as I can (lucky enough to have a decent home gym) so was looking at getting a little help with Anavar. I did a holiday cut last year with Ostarine which was pretty good although I'm carrying quite a bit more muscle this year. Am currently at 198lbs, 17.5% BF and my target is 14%. I was planning to take 20-30mg Pharmacom Anavar ED (ordered direct - I think I can say that as its the lab?) for 6 weeks, keep the same TestC protocol and increase my HCG to just over 1000iu. I also have pharma Anastrozole which I was planning to run alongside the cycle, perhaps 0.5mg EOD or ETD to keep E2 in check. I'm healthy, clean-diet, non-smoker and teetotal (boring sod) and my bloodwork always comes back clean ( baseline T approx 33-35, Free T 0.7-1, Prolactin and Oestradiol upper normal) and I'm 48.. I've done my research (all praise to SwoleTroll and you other fine experts) and I'm planning to do a T cycle in the near future, but don't want to waste my first proper cycle on a cut and I also know there are more effective orals for cutting; such as Clen but the sides are off-putting, and I think Anavar + low Test could be a good first mini cycle for me to break my cherry :-) Does the above sound sensible or am I a boring moron?