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  1. The gym build

    85 is good, how much weight does he include
  2. The gym build

    https://www.rebelstrength.co.uk/product-page/adjustable-weight-dumbbells-pair-2-plates thinking about getting these. What do you think? Good price?
  3. Modafinil Shortage?

    I used it when I was in University, it works. I took it in the evening and couldn't sleep that night, instead I was working productively for ~10hrs non-stop which is unusual for me. I used the stuff from united pharmacies and took 2 tablets iirc
  4. Stretching/mobility/flexibility/yoga

    I don't trust those bands. They could snap and take your eye out. It's happened to people before.
  5. Mind if I asked where you had your bloods tested? You said NHS so I'm presuming GP? or did you have to pay for it?
  6. Not sure how I can prove it to you, I have no reason to lie about it. I'm now worried about my other levels related to test like free test, estradiol, etc. so I should be going to my GP next week to see if I can get a proper blood test (with a nurse). will either update this thread or make a new one to post the results.
  7. Focus and concentrate

    I took Modafinil once for university, it definitely works. It kept me up all night studying till it got light outside. Don't think its very healthy though lol
  8. Yeah I'm gonna go to my GP see if they'll test me more fully with free test/oestradiol/globulin hormone etc. I've got a feeling my free test is gonna be low cause I've got hair loss/acne which happens when test is converted into DHT. but honestly I don't know much about this despite all my research, just gonna see what the doctor says. If he doesnt want to do the test I'll pay ~£200 for a full test. ty for your help guys
  9. Yeah, this must be my problem. Been tracking my calories perfectly the past month with myfitnesspal phone app, and steadily losing weight. So it must be the training intensity thats cucking my gains
  10. Yep, finger pr**k result. Took me a long time to milk all that blood out of my finger lol. I might go see my GP but thought it could be a waste of his time. I took the test about a few hrs after wanking, maybe thats why its high
  11. I'm 22 years old, never took PEDs or any supplements before and have been training for about 6 months. Decided to check my testosterone for a baseline reading, I chose the cheapest option which measures only total test (regret this now) and my results came back abnormal. I thought my test was gonna be quite low cause my strength/muscle gains in the gym haven't been great and I'm not lean (I'm cutting atm). The test came with a "doctors note", they said "If you are not taking supplements then you should discuss this result with your GP." So I'm not really sure what to do tbh, what do you think? thanks
  12. hello

    I'm new here after lurking for a couple of weeks, I've only ever trained in my home gym so lockdown hasn't been bothering me as much just thought I'd make my first post in this section.