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  1. Foods

    What progress are you trying to make? I think you’re worrying about stuff you really don’t need to. Eat less to lose weight eat more to gain it
  2. Amp to Vial Transfer

    They twill be there but if not noticeable then I don’t see a problem.
  3. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    Probably still got a photo of you on my phone somewhathomo
  4. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    The irony eh. And if it wasn’t for our welfare state and government handouts they wouldn’t be able to afford to use it
  5. Conspiracy theories

    fu**ing tax dodging weed heads mate. The lot of em
  6. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    Must just be a shitty pic then lol
  7. Here is my very bad lockdown regression stats

    I hit 8 reps on 80 today. Still taking it steady but the strength is coming back
  8. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    I gotta agree man. Possibly some moon face going on? How’s the rest of your physique looking? You carrying much water? @Jamiewilliamsss
  9. What T dose starts impacting lipids?

    On the cardio front. If one was to implement daily cardio for this very reason, would say a 15 minute power walk be considered beneficial or would a higher activity but less frequent be superior?
  10. I’d say it’s up to you then. Stay off and try get it back up to wherever you feel it should be. Jump on and pct again. the main reason to take bloods pre cycle is so you have a target to get back to post cycle. If you haven’t got that what’s your target?
  11. Gross veins

    Nothing gross about them. I’ve got leaner over lockdown , back in the gym now and veins pop out all over my forearms, shoulders and into my chest, my calves , my groin. I love it! Long may that continue lol. outside of the gym , it depends whether I’m stood or sat and how warm it is as to how veiny my forearms are
  12. Cutting isnt easy

    The body is a pretty simple machine. If you aren’t losing weight you aren’t in a calorie deficit (extreme exceptions aside). Drop cals or move more until the weight starts coming off
  13. Test e information

    Will just take over and continue.
  14. Questioning new coach

    I’m really enjoying it mate. Apart from the leg day, it kills me! Especially in this heat
  15. Questioning new coach

    I’ll not go in to too much detail or background, but decided to try an online coach. anyway, got updated training plan now gyms are open and it isn’t what I was expecting. Looks like it’s aimed at a girl! (Note; I know there are a lot of girls train harder than most men!) What is the correct etiquette when it comes to being coached? Do as your told and review results? Or question the plan and try and get it changed? I don’t want to train off plan as he needs to know what I’m doing and what I’m eating to make changes right
  16. Questioning new coach

    Cheers pal. I intend on making them hard, still easing in after lockdown but adding weight to those working sets every week
  17. Fake Merck I didn’t order!

    I agree.
  18. s**t anavar

    I completely agree on that. Happened to me last year with test. Placebo kicked in way quicker than the test . No bad thing
  19. s**t anavar

    I could swear my vascularity has increased 6 days in but I know cialis can add to that and I’m taking more of that than I used to. And in leaner than I’ve ever been so could be a mixture all that
  20. Cialis or Viagra?

    Same. I tested some ugl cialis the other day so took 10mg instead of 5mg. Only took a slight breeze at a certain angle and it was rock hard
  21. Tattoos! Why Pay sessions instead of time?

    I’ve got a 6 hour session booked for 2 weeks to start a sleeve. Not looking forward to it one bit lol
  22. Tattoos! Why Pay sessions instead of time?

    I’ve been to a few different places before deciding on where I’m getting mine done. They have ‘ready to go’ tattoos for a fixed price or you can pay by the day hour. Mines gonna take a few days so can’t see how they can put a price on the tattoo itself.
  23. Steroids and diet question

    Of course there are variables. But to grow you need to eat