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  1. I had the covid vaccine (1st dose) whilst in a cruise, pinning delts which is where the vaccine went. Second dose will be in blast. there were no noticeable effects.
  2. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    f**k me hasn’t 5G killed this c**t off yet
  3. Dark ghost

    Fuxk me , I only joined to get opinions on how much chicken I need to eat to get a bit Dame Judi
  4. Dark ghost

    Well, sg wouldn’t comment on my ability to Peruse the forum.... no idea who dark sim is. But this is clearly a new account, and clues? and it’s lockdown , we are allowed to look like we don’t train, for 2 more weeks anyway
  5. Dark ghost

    So what’s your original account name then? And I haven’t been on for months. Thought maybe the loony bin had f**ked off and it was a BB forum again. Clearly not
  6. Dark ghost

    If people want entertainment they can watch the telly or join some wanky FB groups. im pretty sure the OP asked a fairly simple question that was done an answered in 2 pages. this forum is a joke now. I actually can’t work out whether it’s actually anything to do with DG or if someone is out to put the forum in the ground.
  7. Wsm

    I’ll watch it if it’s on but not a great fan. I like looking at physiques occasionally posted on here . Follow lots of bb feds on Instagram which I drool over too. one day....
  8. Is this okay

    fu**ing tramp
  9. Ghost + test e 300

    No no no , it’s me , it’s me! You are the source that ukm deserves, but not the one it needs right now
  10. Ghost + test e 300

    What’s funny is when I first joined SG was mud on here (I still ordered and used it.....) , every post about it had someone pop and say it was the ‘help’ or something from the dead DG who mixed in his bath lol
  11. Ghost + test e 300

    The orals seem fine, until you want to cut them up, 50/50 if they’ll crumble
  12. Been off juice for 5 weeks now roughly

    Aww don’t piss on his parade so close to Xmas OP that’s great news, long may it continue, stay strong, the negatives that come later on are all in people’s heads
  13. Colds/flu

    There’s been a huge increase in people getting the flu vaccine. Flu transmission has decreased due to local and national lockdowns, masks , social distancing. It’s not hard to work out. And as I said, last time I checked whilst flu levels had dropped, deaths from flu are still higher than covid
  14. Only one I’ve found is the lasses using it for split squats
  15. Colds/flu

    Really? Last I checked influenza is still killing more people than covid.
  16. Colds/flu

    Rarely get them. Flu jab every year for flu and seldom get colds
  17. Don’t be daft.... he uses a barbell in the squat rack for that. he’s using the smith for bouncy shrugs
  18. Conspiracy theories

    They can’t be arrested as every single law enforcement officer in the world is corrupt and these peado elite can afford to pay every single one of them off.
  19. Conspiracy theories

    I been looking into these conspiracies more lately. I didn’t fu**ing realise Australia doesn’t exist!!! Did you know ‘they’ just made it up as a cover up for mass murder of all the criminals we ‘shipped off’ all those years ago? them Australians are just actors to fool the rest of the world.
  20. Taking progress pictures

    Exactly. In fact add a comment like, excuse the lack of bulge , it was cold this morning.
  21. Taking progress pictures

    Semi on is best I find.
  22. Taking progress pictures

    Prop your phone at a decent height on something, use the same distance and location /lighting every time. Use the front facing camera and set it to record a video. Then screenshot your photos from the video