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  1. Who’s into motorbikes then?

    Up at Oliver’s mount this weekend , today has been the qualifiers , once the fog lifted and has been phenomenal! Looking forward to a hangover tomorrow and the start of the races!
  2. That’s Wales, but happened here too
  3. f**k me you got me questioning my own Intelligence here, not sure if that was your intention. Anyway, quick google.... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/heat-lightning-storms-wales-weather-18754645.amp
  4. You can have lightning without ‘hearing’ the thunder. Guessing it’s if it’s too far away to hear, but you can still see the flashes of lightning
  5. What house would you buy?

    Average house decent location. If I had to chose. Location is more important than how many bathrooms the gaff has. Of course that might be different if I didn’t have kids
  6. Eating raw eggs?

    Just poach them. I either have mine poached or if at work scrambled in the microwave
  7. Injection chest pain

    I don’t really suffer from anxiety but my mrs does. What you’re describing sounds like anxiety to me
  8. Injection chest pain

    You can call it a wank , it’s not forbidden on here.... im not expert but this sounds like anxiety to me . Do/have you ever suffered from it that you are aware of outside of ped use?
  9. I do, still for me at least rare to see lightning without thunder. Quite surreal to sit out and watch it
  10. We had lightning but no thunder or rain. There’s a slight breeze now though which is fu**ing lovely!
  11. Fortunately myfitnesspal is free and I wanna be mr O say before Xmas
  12. THE HEAT!!

    Because I don’t know if it adds to the sweats? Wasn’t really high on my list of priorities when reviewing benefits/sides of in honest
  13. Think I might need to get some shop bought test to make sure mine is ok haha!