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    So, this guy I know is married to a vegetarian for a few years. She's been vegetarian all her life, it wasn't a surprise to him.
    They've got a lovely house & fine kitchen but all she'd be happy to eat would be toast and sandwich-fillers (lettuce, potato salad, etc)?
    He's started frying up or cooking the odd bit of steak or fish and she's having none of it - he waits until she's gone to bed and puts the extractor fan to full but it's not enough - it's a week in the doghouse for him at best.
    At a restaurant ( an occasion that is rare) he'd order meat & she's got no problem with that, her only problem is him cooking in the house - and that's a BIG problem for her.
    So, question: who's being the more unreasonable in this scenario - the guy wanting to rustle up a late-night protein binge of steak or even store-bought shepherds pie, or the girl who is veggie, has always been veggie and is offended that her husband would dare disrespect her by filling their house with cooked animal fumes?
    Asking for a friend.