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  1. So, this guy I know is married to a vegetarian for a few years. She's been vegetarian all her life, it wasn't a surprise to him.They've got a lovely house & fine kitchen but all she'd be happy to eat would be toast and sandwich-fillers (lettuce, potato salad, etc)?He's started frying up or cooking the odd bit of steak or fish and she's having none of it - he waits until she's gone to bed and puts the extractor fan to full but it's not enough - it's a week in the doghouse for him at best.At a restaurant ( an occasion that is rare) he'd order meat & she's got no problem with that, her only problem is him cooking in the house - and that's a BIG problem for her.So, question: who's being the more unreasonable in this scenario - the guy wanting to rustle up a late-night protein binge of steak or even store-bought shepherds pie, or the girl who is veggie, has always been veggie and is offended that her husband would dare disrespect her by filling their house with cooked animal fumes?Asking for a friend.
  2. Body Fat % and what to do from here

    Hi,I am 38 and throughout my life reduced weight quickly to around 16% and then get fat again. This time before i get too old want to see once my six packs fully with good muscles but not giant.my two pix from 28th may and today. I two months lost 8KG from 86 to 78. I am 5.7. From picture i cant figure what is my estimate body fat %. soWhat you feel my body fat % is now?How can i fix my chest shape?Struggling with consuming protein while being on strict caloric deficit. how much protein is minimum
  3. Sumo Squat Pulse

    Today I was doing the Fierce Butt Blitz workout and one of the exercises was sumo squat pulse for 40 seconds. I was a little confused if you are supposed to hold the squat and continuously pulse for all 40 seconds or do multiple squats and pulse each time.Thank you!
  4. Lifestyle advises for a beginner

    Hello, this is my first post, I'm really motivated to change my lifestyle, I’ve always been a yo-yo person but this time i want to achieve my goal weight without starving , so I’m here to listen some advices and ideas and how to do it, I'm not fond on doing crazy green juices and chia puddings ?, so sometimes I don’t follow the recipes of the app.. maybe someone can share other type of food or guidance for me , I’ll be so grateful.p.d im not a native English speaker so I’m sorry if something it’s wrong
  5. Can microwave oven be used to cook a real meal?

    All my life I only used microwave to reheat leftover food. All models I used, I experienced all kinds of problems: -- food cooks unevenly, one side still cold when one corner is already overcooked -- things explode unexpectedly -- grease vapor is trapped inside and coats the interior Overall it just makes a mess. Even when reheating leftovers, I often have to turn the food manually several times in the process. Does anyone really have success cooking a real meal with the microwave oven? Like can you cook a chicken leg from raw to done?