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  1. Orals

  2. Orals

    Not as much as you, waiting for someone not as clued up as yourself to give you ammo for a semi so you can get the most out of your tadalafil Big alpha xx
  3. Orals

    Nice 1 for the suggestion but just going to stick to a test only I think, less chance of needing to ask anything I'll just get pounded for
  4. Orals

    That's a shame ?
  5. Orals

    No problem I just thought I would ask the question. Dropped it now anyways, not worth the feeling.
  6. Orals

    I'm not trying to say there is something wrong with the anavar I'm saying could it just be wrong for me and is there something that affects different? Last year I took osterine and didn't have any issues.
  7. Orals

    Yes but I've had copd for years. The var is possibly aggravating it?
  8. Orals

    I asked this last week but I deleted the thread as a just got slagged off about it. But after a second try, I still get the same feels on it near enough straight away. After a week of taking anavar 50mg a day I had to stop, I was feeling tired and breathless, couldn't really concentrate like I took a sedative. I have copd so not sure if the breathlessness is causing the tiredness. I stopped taking the var and within days I felt OK again, so I tried it again to see if it was in my head but after a few hours of taking it I felt the same as before so obviously it's not for me for some reason. The fact I don't get on with anavar does that mean most orals will be the same? Is there something I can substitute it with to go with the current 400mg test or just drop it and do a test only cycle since I've already started?
  9. First cycle advice..

    My e2 levels where fine, 93pmol e2, 29nmol test. The higher I go with test the less I sweat lol (Possibly sleep apnea)
  10. First cycle advice..

    No probs just looking to hear personal experiences really without starting a new thread. I'm week 2 in to 400mg, I've got arimadex and aromasin on hand just incase any issues. Night sweats, I get that on just trt dose.
  11. First cycle advice..

    How long into the cycle did you notice issues and what issues arose?
  12. Cycle support

    No worries ?thanks. I'll drop the support too for now and just do a test only cycle.
  13. Cycle support

    I'm dropping the oral sorry so is there any point on the support if I'm only pinning
  14. I bought a cycle support for a test + anavar cycle as I also take a load of other medications for arthritis etc, so wanted to take a little risk of myself from adding the oral. After this first week of the anavar I really don't feel too great, so going to drop it and see if things improve with just the testosterone. With test, is it still beneficial to keep taking the cycle support or am I just pissing money away? Strom support max
  15. Pre cycle bloods

    The neutrophils are always low because of methotrexate for RA so hospital says no lower than 1 before concern. The bloods were done on trough Monday morning, last injection Thursday (mon/thu pins)