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  1. the aim of the questing is to find to which extinct pct is practical if all pro bodybuilders are on trt or the majority then it is a waste of time. It is not about being able to recover or not. Because when I hear these people talk about pct and then find out that they are actually on trt and not doing any PCTs then that makes me doubtful that what they are talking about is not really practical these are just suggestions that they will not actually apply to themselves. Maybe you will achieve your full recovery after loosing more than the amount of gained muscles or maybe most of it and you will end up like any natty bodybuilder then it means these PCT plans are not really practical. Like I started to have a conclusion if you are not planing to be on trt for life then cycles will be pointless.
  2. I found a lot of people who cycle they gave up doing PCTs after their steroids cycle and they turned to trt for life which will make them infertile and will shut down their natural test for their rest of their lives and they will never be able to stop taking exogenous testosterone. Is it that much difficult to recover and keep your gains after cycling? because I heard from a significant number steroids users that they did a very normal steroids cycle just 12 weeks or 16 weeks and they couldn't recover they did pct but their free testosterone didn't come back to their baseline levels or even very close to it and after waiting for a long time they decided to turn to trt!! I want to know what is the percentage of steroids users that turned to trt for life?. Are there a lot of steroids users who are fine with doing PCTs? I want to increase the number of experiences that I heard to make a clearer vision about this.
  3. cholesterol on cycle

    Actually I was searching about the use of statin in bodybuilding because my brother is using it, and it caused a signifacant muscle sorness to him and his muscle mass decreased signifacantly after statin use and of course he is in touch with his doctor but he must continue using it anyway. so I thought bodybuilders will try to avoid it for its side effects or they will try to find another effective solution that doesn’t impair the muscles. I didn't want to make a new thread about something that was discussed before, but honestly this topic I need to hear more about it, I didn't find any thread that discussed it thoroughly.
  4. cholesterol on cycle

    But statin causes muscles pain and can damage them. so doing steroids with statin wouldn't they cancel each other?
  5. Lifting weights before breakfast?

    The problem with working on an empty stomach that you will not have stamina to complete your workout session, for this reason I usually eat just a banana or peanut butter with whole grain bread since they give decent amount of energy without fulling my stomach.
  6. HCG for a healthy person that never abused steroids.

    I didn't say it would be the same results of a cycle because in the cycle we use much more than the normal levels but maybe you would be slightly better if these results can happen to a person with a good testosterone.
  7. HCG for a healthy person that never abused steroids.

    No I mean just using it to be like the best genetics ever existed. Will that give a push or no? See here a study about people had almost 60% increase in their natural testosterone after using hcg although their test was not that low https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31408289/
  8. This guy did really want to try it and that's the one that I wanted to quote his comment but I quoted another one by mistake. I would like to see what happened to him!!
  9. Did try it? Are you still alive?
  10. Thank you very much for reffering me to this discussion. It is my bad, I still not that much familiar with searching in this website
  11. Will you notice any difference if you added primo to your test cycle or it didn't? I want to hear some of your experience with this drug.
  12. I read them again and I didn't find an answer for this particular question!!
  13. I have a question: how can I reduce the dosage of arimidex? Since the medicine come only as 1 mg per tab? Can I take 3 tabs per week? *the pharmacist told me you should not cut them!!
  14. Sorry I didn't understand what you said. Do you mean that while you were ON anavar you started noticing that or when you stopped?
  15. Primobolan

    Thank you very much @IronJohnDoe Have you ever tried adding any medicine to boost your hair growth after the cycle?