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  1. @ElChapo Thanks brother; great info and reassuring. Hopefully just a random spike as it shouldnt be Chinese muck but sure who knows!!
  2. I posted this elsewhere but maybe more appropriate here. Thanks in advance to @ElChapo Im trying to make sense of bloodwork: Ive been on pharma gh for 3.5 months to repair some injuries. After 2-3 weeks Ive been on 3.5-4IU EOD but lately its 4IU 2on, 2 off. No sides thankfully other than not being able to eat enough to maintain weight! I hadnt the chance to get bloods done before but got some done for other reasons. Im not on anything else and never have. Liver data is a bit worrying apparently Liver Panel Total bilirubin, protein total, albumin, globulin, alkaline phosphatase, gamma GT all in normal range. Aspartate transferase is 49U/L where normal is <40. Alanine Transferase is 72U/L where normal is <41. Progesterone also high at 0.9nmol/L (should be <0.16-0.47) Prolactin also high at 489mIU/L where normal is 86-324. Bioactive Prolactin also high at 339mIU/L where normal is 63-245. Test also low at 8.9 but that was 1.5hrs after waking and a big breakfast. So is there a link between GH and liver issues? Im taking a break in GH now for a few weeks until I get bloods redone around new year. Maybe no harm anyway. Started 2x200mg vitamin B6 daily since saturday to reduce prolactin. Any help appreciated thankyou
  3. Has anyone had bicep tendonitis

    I think bicep tendonitis is one of the easier ones to solve. Its a mechanical issue I find - when your shoulder mobility and movement patters are s**t, bicep tendons are the weak link that takes the hit. Im not a doctor but this is what I find works: You need to sort your scapularmovement. Make sure you're not winging and have good scapular control. If not, do exercises to improve scapular control - scap pull ups and push ups for example You need to strengthen rotator cuff muscles. I overload this at these stages. Every day do rotator cuff work You need to sort shoulder joint mobility. Rounded shoulders means shitty bicep tendons. Do bicep curls, just not incline seated bicep curls. Remember, if you spend 3 weeks doing all these exercises and getting that in order, then the bicep tendon can start healing and not before it. These exercises dont heal the bicep, they aim to fix the cause of the problem. Whatever length of time it takes after that to heal is when you'll be ready to go again
  4. PRP for tendons

    @Dannyb0yb I see you said tennis elbow there. Is it bothering you now? When my elbows get shitty, (any tendons in it) I find its primarily due to bad shoulder mobility. That is a catch all but I find decreased internal and external rotation and overhead mobility give elbow problems. Even a few percent makes a difference so I try and work on it for a few weeks. Also if you're using lifting straps, I would ditch them until it heals
  5. PRP for tendons

    Nice! Genuinely cant remember but definitely would have taken a few days anyway for swelling to go down
  6. PRP for tendons

    Its worth a shot, some people seem to get results. I didnt but it was a good few years ago and I would wonder how accurate it all was - wasnt ultrasound guided either. Is it expensive?
  7. HGH Experience

    So you started 4iu MWF and now every weekday? For 200iu, is that then something like 10 weeks you've been on? And no positives? Ive been scaling up from 1iu first 10 days, 2iu EOD now in wk 3 and its pharma (well hopefully!) What are you using? Ive definitely been sleeping better, slight tingles in the hands on occasion when outstretched but a lack of bloodflow to certain areas randomly
  8. Tried a lot of supplements for the same reasons - Collagen, cissus, capsicum, glucosamine & chrondritin. To be honest, they were all a waste of cash for me anyway - not saying they dont work but over a 1 month + trial period for each one, not the slightest difference .Every supplement site I put up an honest review on they were never published also so take whatever you want from that
  9. Pfizer genotropin go quick

    No just curious mate. Completely brain wrecking at times!
  10. Pfizer genotropin go quick

    This is all good info dudes. Towel, thats good to know, that makes sense. Acerico, I assumed that about the tips, was checking to see if there were other details we were missing. Mad s**t isnt it - must still be a very good margin in it when they can go to so much effort to do a fake.
  11. Pfizer genotropin go quick

    well shag that mine must be fake too as the main label on the pen is a sticker! Seems a bit crazy that they would print the purple 12 symbol on but not the sticker - same technology I guess so why would they do that? Can you post up any of the guides? Also - did you get needle tips with yours?
  12. Pfizer genotropin go quick

    Post up pics. Ill compare them to ones I got. Im not sure if mine are genuine. Maybe check here but I dunno if what he has is legit! https://fakehgh.com/ Can I post my questions here too buddy? Maybe we can both learn: All of this seems that is genunine: On the box, the text of the name is all in capital letters. The purple line on the box isn’t too thick. It says it’s made in Belgium but came from Turkey. QR codes are small and check out on ITS app but I guess that doesn’t mean s**t. The text on the dosing rotator seems the right font I think. The pen is sealed in a plastic pouch inside. The inner seal on the paper bit is a light blue. The 12 scribble on the pen is printed not a sticker. The lot no on the box lines up with the pen sticker. Things I aint sure about are that the main labelling on the pen is a sticker. I cant scan the QR on this sticker, should I be able to? Should the box have a serial no or is this it underneath to the right of the QR code? The 125…/18602 number – ive seen it on the right hand side on a supposed genuine one. On the back, under Uretim yeri – Ive seen this text all on one line on a supposed genuine one.
  13. BPC for Tendons Report

    You're definitily not crazy brother! 20 years is pretty scary, hopefully something comes up trumps for you. How long have you had your diet, etc sorted? I didnt find diet made any difference for me in the short to medium term anyway - i eat well but also eat a lot of rubbish too. When all that was cleaned out it didnt make a difference for me, well not one I could link anything to anyway. How long have you been on HGH?
  14. BPC for Tendons Report

    Cool thanks man; will seriously look about starting a cycle. I need to stick my negative hat on and do a period of 'why it wouldnt work' checking which I do before starting anything new
  15. BPC for Tendons Report

    @Dannyb0yb For reduced work capacity, the problem is it then takes longer to get up again to any normal level; so it always seems to be a balance and pain will definitely be there. Sometimes I just think, stuff it, whats the worst that can happen if I just get back training hard. But then sensibility kicks in Maybe that is a bad thing and there's a middle ground somewhere. i think you're right that tendon tissue is permanently damaged Was really trying to avoid HGH but there's a lot of stuff pointing that way! Did you do your 3-5iU every day? How long have you been on? I wouldnt want to be on it long term, even at low doses, just for the sheer ballache and cost as much as anything. What do you think of a 2-3iu ED or EOD for 6 months then dropping it off again? Im not a big guy, particularly now so probably dont need huge amounts but its new to me so....