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  1. Skinny fat?

    Yeah, it is highly recommended that you do add some form of strength training, to help the development of muscles. This will also help in making the muscle loss minimal, qand you will lose fat mainly.
  2. Struggle with mid section

    Well, you will see changes in your stomach at first, but after that its pretty much the last area where you will lose fat from, especially lower abs. As you said, you cant spot reduce, so youll have to stay consistent and lose the rest of the fat ,and eventually you will see changes in your stomach too. Working your abs will not make you directly lose fat, that can be done through nutrition mainly, although working your abs could be beneficial and is highly recommended for building core strength.
  3. Struggling to see improvement

    What is your current workout and diet plan?
  4. I need some help, I'm very new!

    Yeah, everything said up there , but would highly recommend to join some class, that involves some movement once corona is done. It could be a gym or anything. Ive seen that , this way accountability is higher, than just going on walks by yourself. Consistency is key, so try to add things that will boost this. Good luck!
  5. Want to lose fat but build muscle also

    Naah, dont focus on cardio alone. Do some strength training, and add in some HIIT maybe. Strength Training, will assist in the weight loss, and also help you build some muscle. Try to hit those protein goals, sleep well. and drink water. And most importantly hold on to that consistency!
  6. What's my bf? Would you bulk or cut?

    If i were you, i would try to do a steady recomp. Try to reduce the fat, and also focus on strength training. Nutrition will be vital.
  7. 19 Y/O 3 Month workout

    Yeah, i think you should be cutting , you could reduce that fat around the belly with some strength training, and proper nutrition. Hit the right amount of protein(>1gm of protein per lb), and focus on reducing the fat, while minimising muscle loss. You could try this for a few months, once youve got your injuries sorted and work your way upfrom there. What time would it require? He built that up in years, and youve been training for three month plus youve got injuries, so i dont think thats the best question to be asking right now.
  8. Confused do I loose weight or gain weight

    I would focus on Strength training, and trying to add some cardio too, maybe some HIIT. Try to hit your protein goals! So yeah, this should help you add some muscle while , reducing some fat. And yeah, unfortunately, your body fat is higher that 15. Good Luck!