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  1. I have mainly tried a few local private pharmacies and one Boots branch; they all mentioned it being rarely able to stock, which confused me. Yeah with sus i do tend to have to ordr it in but there is never any real issue there? Are you taking Sust IM? or Sub Q out of interest?
  2. Hello hello, I am trying to switch from Sust 250 to enanthate, but from what my pharmacist tells me, it is notoriously hard to get hold of supplies. I have asked around a few spots but have come up equally empty handed. Have any of you got any experience with sourcing enanthate/know of any London based pharmacies that may stock it? I am really fed up of IM shots~ Thanks!
  3. Hey, so I know many people open an ampule and then split the dose into separate syringes for more frequent dosing. I am about to start doing this, but I wonder has anyone actually got an infection from this?
  4. That's a solid idea. I will see if I can get some of those empty multi-dose vials. I do worry about the sterility though coming of amazon/ebay. I'll do some research!
  5. Hi, I just wondered if there were any TRT providers in the UK that have access to multi-dose vials for any of the Test esters? Or does everything come in single-dose ampules? (The latter to my annoyance seems to be what I have come across) B
  6. Hmm I am doing in the quads too. I inject about 9 inches or so from the top of the quad. However, I do not inject at the side ever; its pretty much straight down.
  7. Hi! Sometimes, 3 out of ever 5 times, when I inject, and physically insert the needle in my thigh, I feel a large throbbing/pulsing and i get pins and needles down my leg. I often ignore it and everything returns to normal after the shot. Today, when I experienced this, but when I removed the needle a fair bit of blood followed (darker in color so feeling its not arterial). It clotted after a few mins so I am not so worried. But it did get me thinking of the pins and needles (almost 'dead leg' sensation) and throbbing were maybe bad - perhaps a sign that I should pull the needle out and go into a different spot (Something I am always anxious about doing). ? I am pretty lean injecting 1ml med with a 1inch 23g needle. Cheers!
  8. This is really useful information! Thank you for posting it. I had noticed when I started Cypionate last year, a real lag so I knew that there was a build up period. However, I didn't realize each Testosterone ester took different times. I had assumed that, being on the cyp then Testogel for a month, prior to starting Sust that those initial steady state levels would have been maintained. Makes sense though looking at this breakdown!
  9. Thanks for this mate. Honestly, I have seen three separate TRT doctors; each one wanted a half dozen tests and all practically broke the bank. I cant face the idea of starting with a new one unless you can recommend one that one insist on multiple blood tests days a part for no justifiable reason (it has been a s**t show). I have been under the impression a frequency of greater than once ever 2 weeks of 250 would actually be dangerous. Why did you do 170mg instead of the 250? I always thought the purpose of the 250 was that it was a 'perfect' amount to be injected each time given the different esters and their breakdown. I wouldn't even know how much medication to draw out to get a 170mg dose.
  10. Hey, thanks for this. Currently on private; I hope once COVID clears up, I can go on the NHS. The trouble is, I can only find ampules here in the UK. I'd worry about sterilization and of course spilling the remainder, if i did 0.5ml ever week. Do you know if you can get multidose vials of Sust in the UK?
  11. Hi there, I am on Sustinon 250, using it for TRT. I have only been on it for one month but honestly, I can only say I feel marginally better. Without the injections, my baseline testosterone is around 1.3 - 2.4. When I was taking Test Cyp. I was hitting 30, and honestly felt the best I have ever felt. However, now that I am no longer living in the USA, I can’t get access to Cyp easily, and I didn’t want to touch Nibido; gels did not work for me. After ten days on Sust, my Test levels were 10.3. Does the medicine take a while to build up before effects can be felt? Would you say I am metabolizing the drug quite fast based on the 10 day levels? The Doc has told me that everyone needs different dosing, hence why I am once every 2 and a half weeks, but this was only determined officially after the follow up results. (I am also 28 year old male). Thanks!
  12. Hi there, I was always told that when you open an ampoule you get a clean around the edges. The three times i have opened a sustanon ampoule it is never clean; it always seems a bit jagged, particularly where the two index fingers meet when opening the medicine. It suddenly occurred to me that this may be wrong and that I could be injecting glass shards. I haven't been able to find a chemist with filtered needles. I am with drawing with 23g needle so hopefully that would be small enough to trap any big shards. Could well be being overly neurotic; I open it the right way, putting pressure away from the dot so i dont think there is anything wrong with the technique per say Thanks!
  13. Advice for Sustinon

    I will get some blood work done on day ten to assess the Testosterone levels and if they are low i'll think about increasing frequency as per your suggestions
  14. Advice for Sustinon

    I wish i could stay on Cyp!!! Honestly. But the doctor wont proscribe it....I was pretty much told if I didnt want Gels, it was Nibido or Sustanon. Its a damn shame as the Cyp worked well for me. if i hadn't spent so much time and money with consultant urologists/endocrinologists sorting this out, i'd go to a private TRT clinic
  15. Advice for Sustinon

    Honestly no....the RBC was a tad high in Feb, then came down to normal in march, popped up again in June and stayed one or two points above the normal range. The doctor said I was probably doing too much testosterone Cyp injections (though my levels never peaked more than 31-32, which doenst seem to me, anyway, too high.) I'm going to see if I can work with a GP to monitor the bloods - I think i am more neurotic than they are!