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  1. Home gym pissing contest

    Get the same one as mine for about £150 on eBay mate it does the job just about
  2. Vegan crew check in

    That’s odd I just asked him he said he said no such thing
  3. Is there a point in using cialis?

    Marbella, canaries, Ibiza, every 6 weeks I’m on holiday mate
  4. Car electrics issues

    Inbox probably full I’ll delete some
  5. Is there a point in using cialis?

    Oh I meant visgra lol
  6. Car electrics issues

    04. I’m not keen on the newer models
  7. Car electrics issues

    It’s not the money that’s the issue it’s the fact they just can’t fix it. I’d pay any amount to have the fu**ing thing working properly
  8. Car electrics issues

    How would I check that mate? Where is it?
  9. Car electrics issues

    Bentley Continental GT.
  10. Home gym pissing contest

    250 mate. fu**ing bargain
  11. Car electrics issues

    One of my motors is being a right cvnt, it’s constant electrical faults Iv changed the batteries, the alternator, various other things, it’s been in the shop about 6 times and it’s still no closer to being resolved and I’m getting beyond my tether with it. Current issue is the boot just unpops when you turn the engine off, there’s no way to keep it closed, and the windows keep falling short of full closure, now and again the engine just switches off usually at roundabouts and really fu**ing inconvenient places. Iv been temped to sell it but I’ve done 12k on Repairs upgrades new rims and ceramic detailing etc and despite its cunty nature I fu**ing love the car. Is my mechanic just s**t?
  12. Home gym pissing contest

    Think it’s about 50kg. It’s carved from 1 piece, it’s beautiful
  13. BLM on Pornhub now?!!!

    My man
  14. Where would you move to?

    Iv been looking at the Philippines. Easy to buy property there and a decent wage there is about £500 a month. So if you have a decent residual income or business that doesn’t require you in body it’s the perfect place. It’s like Thailand but cheaper fitter ho’s and they all speak English. I’m heading over next month to check it out. Iv got a bit of bird to serve first once the cps pull their finger out, gonna do my bit of time then relocate