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  1. Thinking of TRT

    no doctor in the world is going to prescribe you trt lol your well above average its your free t thats the problem because you take fin which has got your hormones all out of wack cant expect to nuke DHT by 70% without repercussions you don't have enough free t in your system to regulate the functions that DHT normally would hence the side affects your getting, get off the fin and let your hormones return to baseline which could take upto 6 month
  2. hi lads new member would really appreciate some feedback from someone who knows what there talking about 30 year old been training close to a decade never smoked can count drinks iv had in my life on one hand , nutrition always been good fitness always been big part of my life long story short , started getting really strange injuries every time I played football something would pull ended up out all season thought nothing of it , then noticed hair thinning more weeks went on mood changed , confidence almost non existent total different human being to what I was last year , started getting really dull ache in my shoulders all day every day for 12 weeks straight , never been to docs since I was 20 but I knew something wasnt right all bloods have come back fine , test level came back 13>30 which I'm well aware that's in the "normal" range but that range means nothing as every single human being is different , doc doesnt seem to want to link things to that but from what iv read online it seems like 2+2 just wondering if anyone on here has been through anything similar or any tips what I can do if doctor wont help pretty much rock bottom with how my body feels it's just not like me at all , thanks again lads appreciate any feedback