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  1. 501kg deadlift?!??

    I'll check back in a another couple years ??
  2. 501kg deadlift?!??

    Hope you're well buddy
  3. 501kg deadlift?!??

    Ivan makarov pulled 501kg above knees but failed , 2020 will see Ivan pull 510kg.
  4. Twilight of the Thunder God

    hope youre well ming
  5. HG2019

    looking strong ken
  6. Vertical dieting - stan efferding

    It's not quite that simple , the foods in the diet are easily digestible and of low digestive impact .
  7. Vertical dieting - stan efferding

    Hello mate hope your well , yeah seems to be pretty popular and I'm having digestive issues so I'm gonna look into it further and see if it helps
  8. Vertical dieting - stan efferding

    Cheers buddy came across your thread lastnight - good info thanks
  9. Looking into stans vertical dieting - has anyone got the ebook ? Seen a post by @Sparkey about seeing one of stans seminars thought you may have some info/interest on this subject