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  1. current condition not sure of bodyweight but its less than the 20 stone i was ..
  2. agreed if you cant drop 2 or 3% manipulating diet only then just give up
  3. Mr strong`s mass log

    still training although had some bad sessions due to dieting and my back being painful . pic from chest sesh on weds .... dropped alot of fat and not liking the slimmer look so im gonna increase cals and bulk but keeping a trim waist , currently 33w so i`m aiming for a 34w but another 1.5-2 stone more mass .
  4. Police compounding vehicles

    the police can impound and crush uninsured vehicles on a public road .
  5. Anyone got a food dehydrator

    i have a cheap one off amazon and it works perfectly fine however any electric fan oven will do the same job ...
  6. People that blank people....

    give your vagina a wipe ...
  7. Deadlift -Form Check

    yes exactly that
  8. Deadlift -Form Check

    movement is good but its very back dominant , lower hips into it more
  9. Tattoos

    You still had a cheeky #nohomo wank though ....
  10. Most painful injury you've had?

    5 slipped discs , paraylised and unable to move much for 6 weeks , few years on and i have constant pain in both testicles both legs and everyday since is painful as f**k . been shot stabbed had a pint glass and a bottle to the face , but the disc pain is by far the worst as it never goes but can be manageable .
  11. Tattoos

  12. Who's the all-time King of Cool?

    very true however no fucker knows sally from 2 doors down ......
  13. UKM Detectives.

    go to the address you have then take down car reg go to dvla request info see if they match or sit outside the house watching to see if said person enters/leaves ...