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    WallsOfJericho got a reaction from LethweiUK in Worst thing you've done to a work colleague?   
    Spat. Pissed and dunk my balls in one of my ex managers teas all the time
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to Towel in Delivery of Sphinx is this legit?   
    I did  
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to Xyz12 in New lab cenzo pharma   
    Well my blood test came back , definitely legit lol this is on 600mg a week. 

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    WallsOfJericho got a reaction from ShellyH in Advice on Abscess please   
    And when they say go to a&e. Go like right now.. Dont waste anymore time.
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to MM84 in One night stands   
    Not weird enough to stop her pegging you tho was it.....
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    WallsOfJericho got a reaction from Bish83 in any uk sarms that are good ? any companys please   
    Have used musclerage ostarine with good effect but I just use narrows and pure rawz from the US. Works out cheaper. No import fees and with you within 4/5 days.
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to ghost.recon in Extremely smelly farts   
    I'll keep it short and sweet.
    Your farts smell because you're not eating correctly.
    Your gut health is poor as a result of this.
    You need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
    You need to drink more water.
    You need to eat less processed foods.
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to Clubber Lang in HMG...anyone used?   
    lol no, def dont want kids, we cant deal with little people. We have a dog and the missus often forgets hes outside or opens the door and his sneaks out. Ends up barking outside 20mins later, dont realise his gone lol. If we had kids we'd probably forget that too.
    my source just added it, so wanted to know what it was. I did hear of it a few years back but was expensive and very rare. Still expensive but available now. 
    could you win HMG during PCT, like HGC? 
    will read El Chapo's thread later today.
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to Sphinkter in Best wrestlers physique ever!   
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to UK2USA in Breast milk suppliers   
    WTF, are you for real? What if I don't want it through the mail, can I drop by and get it straight from the source?
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to nickc300 in How many calories you prefer over maintenance when on a bulking cycle   
    One of my last silly bulks. I didn't want to go on a long cut so used dnp for a few weeks to strip it off then ate 200 over to see how it worked out. 
    From left to right took around 10 weeks. Without dnp I think it would be well over double that amount of time. 
    Nail in the coffin for crazy bulks now. 

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    WallsOfJericho reacted to 66983 in Taking Lantus/Humalog with GH and avoiding insulin resistance   
    Fasting is a good way to minimise insulin resistance.
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    WallsOfJericho got a reaction from Mikelfc14895 in Best brand of Trestolone (MENT)?   
    enhanced athlete
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    WallsOfJericho got a reaction from Devil in DNP - PN??   
    Im T1 diabetic and took DNP, as you probably know, PN is a major risk for someone with diabetes. I started getting this pins and needles feeling around day 3. I supplented with alpha lipoic acid and b complex tabs and that took it down a level. I dont think its possible for PN to happen in such a short time. I was told the pins and needles was due to nerve signals being blocked by the DNP, but that doesnt mean PN. I carried on for about 8 more days, The pins and needles went away within 6 days after stopping.
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    WallsOfJericho got a reaction from MattTheDon in Lantus Insulin   
    It can stay out the fridge at room temp for a while, just dont take it out of the fridge andkeep putting it back, im diabetic, one vial lasts about a week, and its out the fridge the whole time.
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to draddog1988 in steroids and diabetes   
    So I'm type 1 diabetic, find it hard to gain size and was thinking of doing a course? Any one got any info on steroids with diabetes? Will they still work or is it a bad move? Any help much appreciated!
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to dr gonzo in Hows this for a first cycle ?   
    Any reason for this? I have been advised to run aromasin through pct to prevent estrogen rebound.
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to 66983 in I did a week low dose DNP cycle   
    TBH I would have expected weight loss, What lab was your DNP? 
    Were you sweating like Jimmy Saville outside a primary school whilst taking it?
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to Flipper in I did a week low dose DNP cycle   
    Some people do hold quite a bit of water. Give it a week to 10 days like you said and then see what you have. 
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to rockstar6181 in Anyone on TRT changed their GP?   
    They should honnor the medication as it's in your notes - maybe speak with old doctor first and get them to write to new gp advising (just to make the point) - let us know how you get on interested if you have any issues 
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to Pscarb in Insulin   
    wow this is starting to feel like i am coaching some of you......
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to nWo in DNP Log   
    Good to see a daily but simple log like this with details of sides, how you're feeling and such in a very concise manner. Be great for first time DNP users to take a look at to know what sort of thing they might expect on their cycle.
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to Frandeman in Too harsh or truth!!   
    On gear I'm lazy as f**k
    I let the drugs lift the weights for me 
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    WallsOfJericho reacted to MidsGuy21 in where do u get the imitation nike air max shoes ???   

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    WallsOfJericho reacted to stuey99 in How are people running trestalone?   
    Great info. Cheers bruv