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  1. Worst thing you've done to a work colleague?

    Spat. Pissed and dunk my balls in one of my ex managers teas all the time
  2. Advice on Abscess please

    And when they say go to a&e. Go like right now.. Dont waste anymore time.
  3. New lab cenzo pharma

    Was looking to try this. So worth a shot?
  4. A few points. Some may say that splitting your test into 2 injections per week may be better. HCG throughout is probably a waste of time and money. Start 2\3 weeks before PCT. Fat loss depends on your calorie intake. If you're fluffy. I'd still keep calories high on rest days just cut back on carbs. Or carb cycle. .5mg of adex everyday seems like overkill. I'd start with .5 every 3 days. Or as you said. Get intra cycle.blood work to see where your e2 is. 2 weeks of PCT is not long enough. Id stick with 4 But even then you can do 5. I like to use aromasin and clomid in pct for first few weeks then swap for nolva.
  5. Have used musclerage ostarine with good effect but I just use narrows and pure rawz from the US. Works out cheaper. No import fees and with you within 4/5 days.
  6. ostarine ?

    30mg for 10 weeks
  7. Best pods casts to listen to and where

    Last podcast on the left. They have a facebook page.
  8. ostarine ?

    I would do some nolvadex. People underestimate the supression from sarms. I did a high dose ostarine cycle last year and never did pct, now my test is low. 13.8nmol/d.
  9. Diabetes and steroids

    Im type 1, ive only used test. But I found that it helped with jnsulin resistance. I was on a bulk and my blood sugars were pretty much always in range, never felt better. Everyones dofferent.