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  1. It’s not an easy one to work out and will cost you a fair few ££ in blood tests. I’m finding this out now as I try to find my balance. At 125mg of test a week I didn’t think I would need an AI but I was wrong and developed gyno. After I took bloods I saw that estrogen, prolactin and progesterone were all high! on 125mg test with no AI my sex drive, desire and sensitivity were high but I couldn’t maintain an erection!!! After confirming the issues of high estrogen and prolactin etc I added in some natural supps as advised by sustanation to lower prolactin and estrogen and this was helping hugely and erections were much improved. I then added in some aromasin at 12.5mg 2 x a week and 0.5mg caber 1 x week which Further improved elections and decreased sensitivity (Which is what I wanted) however now my sex drive/desire has dipped off a lot. it’s very hard to find the balance - it’s like a see saw for me!!! I will now get bloods to see where my numbers are and re assess - the search goes on!
  2. Everyone I know who’s had gyno surgery had had the glands removed and since surgery they have not used AIs and never developed gyno.
  3. Mine was 235nmol on 600mg of test prop if that gives you any indication. I would say your numbers on the low side for 500mg. What gear is it?
  4. Pfizer test depot

    I’ve never seen pharma gear come in 10ml vials
  5. Zanamex and Merck gear

    I can vouch that it’s good gear coz my mate is back using it for a 2nd run and he has access to countless different labs
  6. Zanamex and Merck gear

    My mate used the Zanamex test dept 250 and had good results at 2ml a week.
  7. Zanamex and Merck gear

    Very good gear. I was doing 600mg test prop a week and my test levels were 230!!
  8. Injectable winnie

    I would def be feeing that then! Must admit I’ve never heard of that lab. I used Baltic about 3 years ago and was always decent. im not sure there much point starting a stack like that unless you have a good home gym??
  9. Injectable winnie

    I would have noticed something by the 10 day mark but everyone is different. Sex drive would be up and scales would be starting to climb at that stage for me. What lab is it?
  10. Bad move. Your trying to fix the problem by firing in the dark! You haven’t found out what the problem is by getting bloods so how the hell can you fix the problem. Your relying on guess work when hormonal imbalances are a complex problem.
  11. I know EQ has an affect on blood (increases red blood cells) but didnt know anadrol had the same affect??
  12. I’m not a fan of high concentration oils to be honest. Most EQ is 250mg per ml do could do 0.2ml of that I suppose.
  13. If only we could get hold of some Ganabol 50. 1ml of that in with a cruise dose of test might be better perfect AI control