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  1. I’m sure your aware they are common side effect with tren and there’s sweet FA you can do about it other than dropping the dose by a decent amount and hope it subsides. Just walking up the stairs on tren has me out of breath
  2. Ignore this! I missed update. Good to see your doing well. Please update in another 8 weeks if poss
  3. Anyone used these?

    I’ve used both labs and they were both good. Don’t see them around these days
  4. 300mg primo worth it

    I’m currently cruising on 125mg test and 200mg primo and loving it. Gona double doses soon for 8 weeks and then double them again for another 8 weeks before dropping back to the cruise doses. To be honest I’ve never felt as good as I do to right now on gear.
  5. You can blend your own gear into the syringue. That’s what I do. Half a minor test and 2.5 ml of primo is one shot at moment
  6. Low energy

    What were you taking? Sounds like possible 19 nor related depression/sides
  7. Your 25 - you will Bounce back fine Buddy with a decent hcg protocol and some time
  8. Got to be a wind up surely. Wasn’t this guy in here before with some ridiculous 1st cycle and looked like he’d never stepped foot in a gym?
  9. That’s annoying. I’ve got some Nexus anavar on the way!!! Bring on the dry joints!!
  10. Noooooo!!!!!! You need to shame the lab now surely!!
  11. Have the lab come back to you yet with any response?
  12. Lockdown tren

    If it’s 1st time on tren then use Ace at 50-75mg EOD and see how you get on with it. Tread carefully
  13. Wow. That is low! Mine were 236 on 600mg test prop so I would expect you to be up near 150
  14. You should be up about 10-14lbs by now (some of which would be water weight). That’s my experience anyway! Even if im training and eating half heartedly i would put on 7-10lbs