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  1. Felt generally a bit ropey and anxious too.
  2. Must admit I don’t like how I felt when I took caber on a few occasions.
  3. I’ve been on 200mg primo, 125mg test now for 6 weeks and feel very good on it I must say. The feel good factor people have mentioned defo seem present and I feel fairly lean and vascular despite very limited and inconsistent training. I’ve just started back at the gym properly so will stay at this dose for another week or two and get bloods done to see where my estrogen, prolactin and progesteron are at (currently running no AI). Once I get my results from the bloods I will be looking to double my doses on test and primo (plan is to work out my AI dose requirements from the results). I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do at 400mg. I ran 400mg a few years ago but stopped after a month due to hair shedding so never really had a chance to see what it could do! I have a skinhead now so it doesn’t matter!
  4. HGH Experience

    I used it for 5 years straight after having been on and off it for 5 years previously. I must say that it’s expensive for what you get but I would say the gains you get from it are minimal but quality gains that won’t be lost. The main benefit from it was the anti ageing effect. I’ve been off it for about a year and wrinkles have started appearing all over the place that previously weren’t there.
  5. I never get why people switch labs so frequently. Find a lab that’s good quality and reasonably priced and stick to it. Especially for the same cycle.
  6. It’s a strong DHT so acts as an AI
  7. Never heard that with winstrol but fair play. I def select my drugs now according to feeling good over gains!
  8. Deca cycle

    That was rumoured to be primo and dbol
  9. I’ve used it a few times - the 1st couple of times It was with test and anavar. Crazy vascularity (probably more so from the anavar) very high blood pressure and hungry all the time. Last time I ran it it completely Tanked my sex drive and I felt I got nothing from it in the gains department. No anavar ran with it the last time and vascularity was pretty average with it too. I won’t use it again as I think it’s a waster time.
  10. Deca, tren, EQ and DHB are the ones to avoid anxiety/mental health wise
  11. Deca cycle

    Sorry that should of said 80’s.
  12. I would go with 50mg injectable winstrol daily and 50mg oral anavar daily. That will give the desired ripped physique and the winny will help sort your gyno out too. Oh and add 20mg nolvadex per day to sort the gyno.
  13. Deca cycle

    Lots of people have done dbol Deca cycles and had very good results. It was a common cycle back in the 90s I believe. Not sure I would take the risk myself (deca dick and potential depression issues associated with zero test in the system). One things for sure - it will work in terms of gains
  14. Been using resolute labs and Androchem this year - both bang on with bloods and both reasonable prices.
  15. Nothing stops gyno in its tracks for me whilst using Tren and like you say, gyno ruins a ripped look completely so it’s pointless me using it.