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  1. did you have bloods done before you ever used aas?
  2. Thinking about coming off - 260lbs and years of AAS

    Looks fine to me. is the goal recovery or fertillity?
  3. AMA Ask Me Anything

    No. It is dependant on diet and the person. You wouldn't hold double the amount of water on 1g as on 500mg. It doesn't work like that. That's not to say that you cant hold doubke the water I'm just pointing out that other factors come in. If you did 1.5g you wouldn't hold 3 X the amount of water as if you were on 500mg. Make sense?
  4. 250mg before bed for 5 to 7 days. Then increase for 3 days or so. At 250mg you will be able to do everything you normally would I'm terms of training and cardio. You will sweat like crazy in bed but sides during the day are far easier to handle. I woukd go with a normal cutting calorie deficit don't try and drop loads out. Dnp does not work like that. In fact for your first run I would keep your diet the same to see how effective it is. I've lost as much as 24lbs in 14 days. Lots of water and rebound from sow weight but still it's remarkable suff. When used correctly it is by far one of the most effective meds
  5. Their SDROL is g2g, is as the rest. Got a client on their sdrol. Strength, size and fullness sky rocketed.
  6. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    In to witness the growth!!
  7. TM dnp not as good?

    The red ones are 125mg I believe?
  8. TM dnp not as good?

    The red ones are 125mg I believe?
  9. TM dnp not as good?

    It is yeah, The first time I ran it I was hotter and more sweaty than the 2nd but the results were just as good. What colour are the caps you have?
  10. TM dnp not as good?

    What dose did you order? DNP is very cheap so literally is no point in under dosing to save a few pennies. Not when a better rep would mean they get more orders. Over yes, but not under.
  11. mt2 and sunbeds, killed the worst acne you could imagine when i first ran deca years ago.
  12. My Fertility Log

    It does get easier mate I promise. Good luck and keep me up to speed. Onky a message away if you need anything
  13. My Fertility Log

    Feel for you still mate as already said. Jist keep your head up mate. It's so common. I know it won't make the pain any easier but it does get better. We are only 4 weeks after ours and we are closer than ever and back to trying again. I stocked up on hmg and hcg also. Still getting it from the same place as before?
  14. changing doses - npp

    Yeah a week deload may help. Then Jump back to it and maybe increase the cycle a bit longer. Done be afraid to push the food more as you are still very lean. Go for it mate
  15. Is this the correct protocol

    Clomid only 2 weeks at 100mg and split the dose am and pm. After 2 weeks drop to 50.mg