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  1. Southern ghost primo 200

    I emailed sg as suggest. His first reply (paraphrased) was just "they look fine, I don't know what to do about it" I explained labs usually replace items that look as bad as these do. Second reply (paraphrased) "The labels are worn/dirty as they are the last of a batch to be sold so they have been stored so worn against other vials. Uneven filling is because they were the first ones on a new batch so the filling amount would have needed slight adjustment. Return them if you want." So good service can be had from sg, you just have to push a little for it. I won't send them back as the explanation is believable. Maybe I'm in the minority, but don't send out the calibration vials in the first place. Maybe ask you packer not to send out stuff that has been scuffed/scratched that badly.
  2. Southern ghost primo 200

    I take it from your response, that this is normal for southern ghost. I've been buying ugl gear for years. Never have i seen such poor presentation. I expect some effort to be put into quality control. People don't run labs for fun, it's a very profitable business. Do you not take pride in things you do?
  3. Southern ghost primo 200

    Recieved my first southern ghost order today. Painless process and would recommend them based on the ordering experince. Is their approach to quality control usually this amateur? I'm hoping the gear is good but this sort of presentation doesn't look professional. There must be about 30ml across all three vials though.
  4. Dnp and silicone

    Do a Google search for 'oxidative phosphorylation uncoupler'
  5. Is organon deca still being produced?

    I have only ever seen Aspen 50/ml in the flesh in a pharmacy recently(<5yrs). Many years since seeing organon, I'm sure that was 50/ml too
  6. Dunning labs mast e

    Thanks for the input gents. So I can assume the products should still be top quality.
  7. Dunning labs mast e

    Service was excellent, paid on the Thursday and delivery was on the Monday. English isn't their first language but communication was clear.
  8. Sphinx masteron

    That looks like sphinx to me. I've never had a issue with the lab.
  9. Dunning labs mast e

    Do these look like genuine dunning? I can't find recent reviews of the lab online. My first time using the lab
  10. Bayer rimobolan

    Legit, purchased in turkey on the left. I'm still waiting to see if the online source will accept the fake ones back yet.
  11. Bayer rimobolan

    I purchased some primo in turkey whilst on holiday in the summer. I ordered some more from and online source the other day. A nice comparison of real and fake primo. Legit stuff on the left. Notice the lack of braille on the box the shiny label on the amp and infomation leaflets just folded in half. But if you didn't know what legit stuff looked like you would be fooled.
  12. Could be some form of acute myloid leukemia. Have you had blood smears?
  13. Lowering BP?

    If he's at nose bleed stage. He is probably in the hypertensive crisis stage of high blood pressure. He needs to get a proper reading to see how bad it is. Stop cycle should be the first and best advice. Failing that, losartan or telmisartan, cut salt intake right back and start doing hiit cardio.
  14. Cycling on nebido

    1. You need to plan it so your test levels and othet health markers are normal by the next time you need to have blood work. 2. Yes it's fine. If you want to run more test just add it in.
  15. T3 bp

    Blood pressure is a product of cardiac output, vascular resistance and blood viscosity. Cardio output is a product of stroke volume and heart rate. So yes, if your heart rate is elevated then blood pressure will also be raised.