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  1. Hi guys, I have a really tough time with orals due to the back pumps. No amount of water, taurine and potassium supplementation seems to help. It gets to the point where it renders some workouts useless and any form of bent over row/RDL is out of the question. Obviously no compound is worth running if it negates training so much. I do love superdrol up until the the point where the back pumps become too much. I'm thinking of trying Southern Ghosts injectable superdrol, so I'm just wondering if an injectable should lead to no (or at least severely reduced) back pumps? This would be alongside a Test base. Thanks in advance for your thoughts
  2. The Nexus Test P gives me ridiculous PIP, I've had to switch back to their Test E as it was that bad. Every shot ended up swollen and with a lump sometimes. It's annoying as I felt better and leaner on Prop.
  3. Hi @El Chapo, Sorry if you've already been asked this but what are your realistic thoughts on how long gyms are likely to be closed? We are probably talking months right? I know many are saying just take this as a time to rest your body and do bodyweight exercises etc. But I've already missed a large part of training over the past year due to some injuries etc. and now I'm back making good progress and loving it (well I was up until two weeks ago when the gyms here closed, I live in Spain). I have the means and space, so I'm thinking to invest in a power rack, adjustable bench, barbell, and plates etc. I already have a pull-up bar and a pair of 10kg and 20kg DBs. With all this, all compound movements (and many isolation exercises with the DBs) can obviously still be done, and effective training can still be carried out. I'm willing to kit this out in my lounge as I have quite a big apartment and live alone and structurally it should be quite safe based near a wall. I obviously won't be doing anything like deadlifts to cause noise as I don't live on the ground floor. My plan would be to sell it all once this is all over as it isn't feasible to keep a power rack in my lounge forever and I have a great gym just 5 minutes walk away. Crazy idea haha? I'd just hate to buy all this and then have the gyms reopen in a month, but from what I'm reading, public places such as gyms could be closed for many months. I normally work from home anyway and feel being able to continue with proper training will help keep me sane during this lockdown (I'm used to being home alone, that part doesn't bother me). Hope you and your family are safe stateside.
  4. @El Chapo do you consider regular creatine mono a worthwhile supplement? I haven't bothered to use it for many years but I'm just trying to get the most bang for my buck going forward now training and diet are fully dialed in. Would you say it's worth holding off the creatine use and utilising it during a cruise or PCT phase in order to try and aid strength then? Secondly, I'm a big fan of Yohimbine for pre-fasted cardio. It also makes it easier to reach a decent heart rate of around 140bpm, does this is any way cheat your cardiovascular system (if that makes sense)? I mean is your body still getting the same benefits of cardio at say between 140-160bpm via the use of yohimbine vs. say the same heart rate range without yohimbine? You'd clearly have to work a bit harder to reach the same heart rate without yohimbine. P.s. I've switched from Test E to Test P (as per your suggestions) and can definitely see the positive differences in terms of water retention. Now in a calorie surplus and I feel leaner than I was when I was in a deficit with Test E. I'm also running 20mgs Superdrol ED so I appreciate that could also be helping with the dryness. 1.5 weeks in to current blast now and feeling great. Thank you as always.
  5. Hi again @El Chapo, would running Ralox on cycle hinder gains at all by way of lowering IGF-1 as Nolva can?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I was meaning if you wish to continue staying on for a few months more, would there be any benefit to adding HCG before coming off properly and doing a PCT?
  7. @Sasnak @swole troll If someone's been on cycle for a long time (months even years) with a view to coming off and trying to recover HPTA in the not too distant future, would there be any benefit to adding HCG if it hasn't been run at all up to that point?
  8. Hi @El Chapo how would you compare a 12 week lean bulk of 50mg winstrol ED vs 20mg Superdrol ED (both along with 500mg Test E per week). I know you're a fan of both compounds, would there likely be much difference between the two? I've used Superdrol before to good effect but only ever at 4 weeks max. I know now that it can be run longer and will be running TUDCA and NAC alongside. If lean enough and trying to keep as lean as possible throughout the 'lean bulk' (keeping the surplus 250/300 calories max) would you notice a big difference running Test P instead of Test E in terms of water retention? I've seen you recommend Test P before. What would the equivalent dose of say 500mg Test E be in Test P per week? Would there be any harm in continuing to use Yohimbine for my fasted cardio during this period (used more as a preworkout)? As many have stated before, I very much appreciate the time you take to answer all of our questions.
  9. High HCT what to do ?

    Perhaps a silly question but will Grapfuit seed extract do the same job as Grapefruit whole extract? I've got naringin .
  10. Very informative thread, thank you. What are your thoughts on using T3 during a lean bulk in order to minimise fat gain?
  11. Hey guys, Lack of a source right now and I can only get hold of Titanoboa labs. I've never heard of it, so I'm suspicious. Has anyone used it? Cheers
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