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  1. I will offer my apology too because when I first read 21ml I thought you must be mistaken but I am man enough to admit I see your point regarding the dosages and the short esters (even if I think they are stupid), like you said it was 6 years ago and you were a kid, you backed up your points and fair play. 100mg per 1ml would give you your 21ml Test100, Tren100 and Mast100. Still fu**ing crazy but that's a matter of my opinion, the way I read it at first was like you was being cocky about taking 21ml a WEEK and simply playing with fire. 2ml a month is what I am more used to and still getting PB's with half a Gram a month. Horses for courses though...
  2. Fair play man, you been here a week and everyone knows the name, welcome to UKM lol.
  3. That's because you were supposedly pinning 21ml a week for God knows how long? Sounds like you have learned the hard way.
  4. Post your best lifts

    Thank you kind Sir, your words mean a lot, I do have an older School mentality and yes no Frills, just little old me in the spare bedroom. There is an element of fear involved to have 210kg strapped to your front but that is recruited into the lift (adrenaline). More to come soon :-)
  5. 21ml, if top Olympic athletes were taking 21ml then why were you taking it from some guy in your local gym?? If you say 21ml then I see your point but still over 2g, why?
  6. 7mls of Test is only 700mg if the test is 100mg(STRENGTH) per 1ml. Test100? Why put 7mls of test into your body when you can put 800mg in with 2ml of Test400?
  7. 700mg each of Test, Tren and Mast right?? That means your gear was 100mg per 1 ml, Test100, Mast100 and Tren100, 700 of each would total 21ml. Sorry but this just does not seem correct. I suspect your 700mg of each was more like 5 to 10 ml max.
  8. Post your best lifts

    205kg and 210kg.
  9. I think Jealousy plays a huge factor in things especially in this eye critical world of sport we choose to undertake, - Bodybuilding or Strongman/Powerlifting, he made a career for himself where the rest of us simply wont, as for his Quals, ....what better Quals do you need than anecdotal evidence from everyone he has gained info from and by trying the limits out on himself (albeit a bit too daft)... this gives him every right to lecture imho, Some of the best counsellors out there are ex- alcohol/drug users, ....
  10. Why all the Negativity? The guy did f**k up (himself) but he is doing the dark side a decent service, he has a family to support and is a business man, he has several lines of business from online coaching to his Harm reduction service, he was quick to discover there is a massive hole in the "market" of steroid use, he filled that gap and offers a service, if you don't like it then slag him off to his face or on his YouTube vids or whatever, He is lecturing to the Police and the MOD-(on hire), to name but a few, so some fu**ing platinum or bronze member on here aint really gonna get to him hiding behind a keyboard. He has paid for his mistakes and still is, why slag him off?
  11. I stopped the subscription soon after I started it. However I learned that Dave is a really nice bloke and has helped me for free (advice etc), Why did I stop? Well because my bank statements were asked for by DWP and I did not expect that, I did not want that showing on my statements, nor did I ever expect to be asked for 6 months of bank statements, I still follow DC online and had advice from him as little as 2 weeks ago regarding Tudca. Nice bloke as far as I am concerned.
  12. Rich Piana's Autopsy

    Something I should have mentioned in the previous statement was that this chap had pneumonia (found out after his death) and this was the source of infection, the shock part was his heart failing, he could not be saved despite rigorous attempts, everyone seems to be pointing to the heart and its looking like a very valid argument, even pneumonia could have put him into heart attack and death. Thanks for sharing, you were lucky by sounds of it.
  13. Rich Piana's Autopsy

    I once walked a guy into the back of an ambulance who had a cough for a week and no diagnosis from a Doctor other than Flu, First visit from Doctor was 1800, a second Doctor was summoned to has bedside and a second diagnosis of Flu was given at 2100, ambulance was called 2 hours later and he walked into the back of the ambulance, I helped him in and helped close the door, He died at 0200 of blood poisoning due to Septic shock/blood poisoning. He had an infection that killed him. For me infection is the cause of death because I have seen how quickly it can kill a person. Just my opinion as cause of death was not established.