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  1. Post your best lifts

    Thanks @Jakemaguire Working progress, and yes elbows do normally come in but for some reason they don't using wider grip, will work on everything you mentioned
  2. Post your best lifts

    Second ever attempt at wide grip Bench press, 150x5, not clean and tidy but working progress, wanted to feel what heavier weight would feel like, trying to adopt a wider grip and better setup but its going to take time, I struggled to rack the 5th rep but this is new to me and early days, my plan is to go back down to 100kg and add 2,5kg each week and work on the arch and setup. Thanks to @Jakemaguire and his brilliant setup I have decided this is the way to go forward.
  3. Post your best lifts

    Yea, its not easy but I suppose Jake been doing it that long now and he does those stretches beforehand, I tried it 3 days ago and did 100kgx20 x3 the range of motion was reduced but not as much as I would like, however I think I can work on this style and get heavier quite fast, just cant seem to get my chest closer to the bar without lifting my butt off the bench. Working progress.
  4. Post your best lifts

    spot on thanks, :-)
  5. Post your best lifts

    Hey Jake, well done, Fantastic effort, you must be buzzing?, I recently tried to adopt your setup and have gone back to basics, can I ask, is your Butt on the bench? I am finding it difficult to have my chest high without lifting my butt off the bench. Cheers and again WELLDONE!!
  6. Twice I have run Dbol for 4 weeks on cruise, I was getting PB's whilst on the Dbol and 200mg Test, Technically speaking it was not a cruise the moment I popped a dbol but Test was at 200mg and NO other compounds.
  7. Exactly, TRT and Cruise are worlds apart.
  8. My name is UK-M; why are you here?

    I joined here in 2009 when I was getting into body building, needed more information and wanted to be part of a forum of likeminded folks, I have seen and heard all sorts on this forum but it is still my NO1 forum although I recently joined another forum as a recommendation, This is my main place of residence though and funnily enough I bumped into a member by chance (Member was selling a Power rack) on a different Facebook selling site and he recognised me as Karbonk from UKM, which made me chuckle, so I am here now to help others and offer advise or alternative opinions. I have got a lot out of this forum and I am happy to put time back into it with helping others. I am no expert but I have reached a decent level of knowledge which I can pass on with relative confidence having learned here and studying other material. I have matured to the age of 39 and still learning. Tried to get you a bump up to Gold @Fadi65 but I see your still Silver. Glad you feel Welcome here, you have been a great help.
  9. Any reason for this? Or is this just a personal opinion? I have never run TestP except in Tri blend, but generally I use TestE.... this has sparked my interest in TestP.
  10. I generally find that at 200mg you can still make progress, slowly add bulk and keep strength, even add some strength, but I have found that below 200 (Test) I tend to be slightly weaker and loose some mass. Current weight is 18 stone this has been 18 stone exactly for over 10 months on 200mg.
  11. Roughly the same either T400 half a ML or T250 and less than a full ML say 0.8ml, Stayed on 200mg for well over a year now and all ok. You will see very little to no difference if every 7 or 10 days really, Not that I have noticed, a vial can last near on 20 weeks lol
  12. 5x5 Deadlift, back Pinged.

    Its interesting this happened the first time you use a belt, sounds minor to me if your considering a swim and a swim is an excellent idea, if and when you go back to deadlifting start at 40 or 50 kg for doubles then work up 10kg a time and do that for 2 weeks or so, you might be able to pick up from where you left off before but I would give at least 7 days before attempting any deadlifts. is there any swelling today? I would advise a belt but that open to criticism. A belt is designed to protect your lower back. Sorry that sounds cheeky.
  13. 5x5 Deadlift, back Pinged.

    OP > as a matter of interest, what weight did you have on the bar? do you wear a belt? Were you touch and go? Or paused before each lift, touch and go tends to create a Jerky kind of lift.
  14. 5x5 Deadlift, back Pinged.

    Sorry buddy but this is wrong, you can hammer deadlifts, the http://ironmillstrong.com/review-of-magnussonortmayer-deadlift-program/ for example does 4x4 at 70% x2 at 80% x2 at 90% then AMRAP.....