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  1. Women mature mentally quickerthan us blokes so it makes sense to have a younger bird. Im 41 and my missus is 33, absolutely no issues at all having an 8 year age gap.
  2. Blood donor card

    I tried giving blood locally, literally months wait. Fvckers are generous where i live clearly!
  3. How would you invest £100k cash

    There's other crypto currency out there though, I bought £1k of Monero a few months back for just over €20 each, it went well over €50 each at one point and is now at €46.60. Pretty risky but you could have turned your £100k in to £200k easy in a few months.
  4. Lissuw's Fatness < Fitness Journey

    Such an awesome film. I need to watch it again, Edward Norton is such a good actor, you seen American History X?
  5. Who's going reading festival

    I just wrap all my gear in a condom and plug it. Job done.
  6. Would you re-rack your weights?

    Why wouldn't you put stuff back? I don't get people who just leave weights on the floor/rack whatever, you never know if they've just gone off to get some water or something and are coming back or not.
  7. Open to critique.

    Good work mate, I'm 41 too, us oldies can still get some good results.
  8. Fav Reccy's - 2

    Adding to the above post, I've been using ammonia on its own up until today to wash up the gear but today used bicarb as recommended by a mate. Using the ammonia I've weighed out 0.5g of coke and after I've washed it I've had 0.35g left, just weighed out 0.30g of coke and washed it with bicarb and water and got 0.43g when I weighed it after. What am I doing wrong?!?! @Gavinmcl and @Haunted_Sausage
  9. Fav Reccy's - 2

    I've been washing far too much coke up this week, did a quick half a gram earlier and considering another half now, started drinking to try and stave off the urge. Since the missus went away last week I must have done 5g of our coke.
  10. Rotator cuff injury

    Growth hormone maybe? Can't imagine steroids doing much for it. I've got a ruptured rotator cuff, just found out this week after going to the physio, haven't trained for a couple of months hoping whatever I'd done would heal, looks like I'll be out of the gym for a while now.
  11. I think to be a beast you need to be at least 6 foot, shorter guys can be a unit but not a beast. We were at a festival the other week and there was a guy there who was stacked and in pretty good nick but was about 5ft 5/6 tops, walking round with his top off he did look a little daft.
  12. Fav Reccy's - 2

    So ended up washing up 1.5g today and smoking it. Now I realise why I stopped smoking it before.
  13. Fav Reccy's - 2

    I just stuffed a bit of wire wool in the hole and used that as gauze, worked a treat.
  14. What's for lunch ma' ?

    Prostitue, flexy time.