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  1. got to admit i usd to love decline hits some awesome parts of you and I could lift heavier and never needed a spotter as I could reach the rack easier being a short guy always used to train with bigger guys never bothered me
  2. Old user New Start.

    welcome back tbh its been a few years for me due to diabetes but I used to handle it ok , work is quiet so I've gone back to the gym good luck in all you do
  3. hi guys used to powerlift years ago last comps i was 32 I'm 50 now but been back a cpl of times in the past , always managed to increase weight and muscle I put it down to sheer determination confidence and muscle memory plus as good a diet as I can afford, I was just wondering is anyone else insulin dependent , I mean I don't have many hyposin fact the opposite I have found my sugars spike when I train , only been a cpl of times but enjoying the muscle pain lol I guess you get used to it now I'm just doing bits ,my triceps have disappeared so that was last on my last session but mainly hammered my back for now , adding weights and moving has actually done my legs a bit but I lift at work ....we are very quiet at the moment since going back so I can train quite happily in the morning eat asap and sleep then get up for work, obviously when we are busier i'll have to lay back a bit or train on days off anyway hi