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  1. What do you want for Christmas?

    I'm torn between wanting lockdown to end so I can invite everyone round for a big meal and a nice day, and wanting lockdown tightened so I can finally have a Xmas where I can stay in the house all day without having to see people.
  2. Being sober is boring

    Buy a guitar.
  3. A thread about bacon butties

    borderline burnt bacon with fat still attached with melted cheese ontop between 2 slices of toasted white bread is the GOAT
  4. It's not nitpicking to point out that you posted something that is intentionally misleading..... Again....
  5. Is that the secretly passed bill that has been in the news for ages and was a top headline just last week after kier starmer asked labour mps to abstain from voting?
  6. best British movie

    Twin town is just superb in every way
  7. Kell Brook v Crawford

    cindy crawford used to be fine aswell
  8. Fireworks

    im all for fireworks normally, just think this year is going to be awful and too distressing for pets and i honestly believe the sale of them should be banned this year or they should be restricted to the low noise ones. p.s. i do have a family and i would normally do a small display in the garden
  9. Fireworks

    bonfire night is going to be hell this year for dogs if there are no organised displays and partys. I reckon pretty much every house will have some sort of display going on so im going to have to drive out into the country so my dog doesnt go insane and sit in the car for a few hours.
  10. Anyone into property?

    isnt there a tax reduction tho as stamp duty can be offest against capital gains tax?
  11. I got beat results from madcows but I am still weak as pi55. I tried stronglifts (workouts took too long) and starting strength (which I also loved).
  12. we will never know as we have nothing to compare this year against
  13. its very difficult to make comparisons tho (and this is the big problem) as deaths from previous years have not been under the lockdown/social distancing/extra hygene protocols we have been subjected to. We will never know how much of an impact on the death rate all that had so no-one can say, with confidence that, if at the end of the year we have a fairly typical yearly mortality rate, whether that was becasue covid wasnt all it was made out to be or whether it was because covid was indeed what it was made out to be but the measures put in place were very effective. its all a bit of a head duck
  14. Trump’s Got It!

    or are they...... what if you are only able to view the things on youtube that google wants you to view? And them 'pretending'to censor them is actually just a ploy to get you to view them? and the official narrative is actually the truth and google is trying to pull you away from the truth and redirect you down the rabbit hole. what if your now an unwitting agent in the global conspiracy,
  15. Winter coat

    i agree, i bought a good berghaus jacket few years back its only really useful about twice a year. The rest of the time i just layer up with a waterproof ontop.