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  1. Anyone had a 'virtual date'?

    Wrong thread. Don't know how tho cos I was reading other thread when i posted it P.s. I would kill to date one of the alien women from avatar so hopefully they will see this whilst they are visiting us to film the sequal.
  2. Anyone had a 'virtual date'?

    @wylde99 Have a read of this. I think this is possibly about the big reveal of the satanic elite that you are always on about.... https://metro.co.uk/2021/01/08/ufo-expert-says-clock-is-ticking-on-possible-seismic-revelations-13874364/
  3. Is Lockdown Working?

    i think his plan is to bore everyone to death so there is no one left to die from covid. its a noble quest.
  4. Targeted ads on TV and Radio

    is this a real thing? i thought ads paid to be shown during certain programmes (e.g. if you watching top gear on dave, ads are most likely more blokey stuff than if you were watching loose women (i dont have sky tv so genuine question)
  5. National Lockdown

    if some people on here wont listen to scientists, maybe they will listen to the big man himself....
  6. Any drummers on here?

    Iirc, your quite handy on guitar.... I'm bored and I've seen a sterling guitar (budget music man, what ltd is to esp and it's at the low end of the range aswell) for a reasonable price and if I'm honest, I'm gonna buy it more for the looks than anything else and as a workhorse that I won't mind the little guy damaging as much as my other guitars. You ever picked up a sterling? The reviews seem too good for the price.
  7. Is Lockdown Working?

    Feel your pain. Me and the wife have worked full time throughout . Luckily we've been able to alter our hours so I get up before the rest of the world and go to work then as soon as I get home she works til late. We've been ships in the night since it all kicked off. Home schooling is split between the 2 of us. And like you, the only sanctuary I have is my gym which I am so fuking grateful for. But yes, stiff upper lip and all that. I will keep plodding on in my mysery telling myself it could be worse because, for me, it could be alot worse. If I was living like this in a cramped inner city flat with no garden, gym, or beach round the corner I would genuinely of lost my mind by now. I look for the light when I can but right now it's quite hard to see. It will get better. Then I'm gonna party like it's 2019
  8. Is Lockdown Working?

    Not often I feel compelled to agree with @wylde99 but the mental health fall out will be huge once the siege mentality can be dropped. My wife (mental health professional) could spend every hour of every day with new patients and not even scratch the surface of the huge waiting list that has been building since this all kicked off
  9. National Lockdown

    Please could you post your scientific proof that masks cause illness as it genuinely will effect hiw risk assess and carry out my job if masks are a genuine source to pneumonia.
  10. Any Whippet owners?

    brilliant advice. only thing i would add is never ask your dog to give his paw for food or treats because if you do, the pooch will spend the rest of its life scratching at your legs for treats. oh yeah, another thing - get a toy that is only played with on walks. never bring the toy into the house or garden.
  11. Any Whippet owners?

    thank you!
  12. your clothing and accessories

    i train in my garage so last night i was wearing a pair of pjamma bottoms that i was bought for xmas, an old hoody and a pair of hiking boots cos my garden path is under water.
  13. Any drummers on here?

    my garage is my gym and sanctuary. and nope, there are no fields anywhere near me at the moment. there area alot of brand new lakes that have appeared during the last 24hours tho.
  14. Any drummers on here?

    That's a good idea. Could use it for storing some of the wife's clothes that I don't like lol
  15. Any drummers on here?

    Seen them but they cost alomost as much as the kit did for a decent set