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  1. Warm up routine.

    cheers, i may give them a blast then. its only recently that i have been able to go full ass to grass on squats and i can really feel it in my knee on anything above 60kg. If i go to parallel then its not as much of a problem which i guess is to be expected. I also feel it in the same place after doing even light romanian deadlifts. I dont know if its due to lack of quad strength, lack of hamstring strength (they use a decent chuck of my hamstring in the graft) or just random instability. I am trying to fix it by dedicating one session to squats and rdl's and another session to rehabbing with light, focuses unitlateral movements, random band work and alot of hopping and jumping (which i look a bit weird doing in my garden at the moment lol).
  2. Warm up routine.

    I had an acl graft (hamstring) couple of years ago and have very little cartridge left. I am on the fence about sleeves as my physio recommended I don't use them but my knee hints that I need them. What injury are you protecting and how much do the sleeves help?
  3. Any of you out clapping tonight? Not me.

    Yep. My 3 year looks forward to it. He has no siblings and hasn't had meaningful contact with anyone other than me and the wife for far too long. We have some shielding people in my street aswell and they love seeing him do his funny dances so even if it's raining, we still go out.
  4. Power rack in stock here

    I bought the m2 cage , m2 bench and the m1 cable station couple of years back. The prices at the mo are defo not inflated and I'm very happy with what i bought. I don't think I would rack pull in the cage tho as it is not as stable as cages ive ised in gyms but they would of been alot more expensive commercial kit so it's to be expected. I also found their customer service to be very good.
  5. So Who's Building A Home Gym?

    Set up my garage gym couple of years ago and have never looked back. It's so much easier to train at home and within another couple of years it will of paid for itself. Olympic and regular weights, power rack, adjustable bench, plate loaded cable station, free standing punch bag, rowing machine, range of kettlebells and some bands. The only negative is not having a full range of dumbell but it's a small price to pay for the convenience of not having to travel to train.
  6. Boris Johnson in Intensive Care

    I don't think your nuts but you are going down the rabbit hole and whether everything is a conspiracy or not, right now your ignoring the fact that the world is full of people who are prepared to put the wellbeing of strangers before themselves. Imo, That's not the result of an oppressed mankind and shows that human consciousness is actually very aware at the moment.
  7. Who else is missing the gym?

    I'm trying not too but she's selfishly wearing me down with positivity and reassurance.
  8. Boris Johnson in Intensive Care

    But how do we know your not part of that system? spreading misinformation and crazy theories to destabilise society?
  9. Who else is missing the gym?

    home gymer here but im missing training. got fullly equipped gym but its impossible to use cos my son (3 years old) wants to be in there with me and tantrums likea motherfcuker when i dont let him in. if i do let him in he spends the time finding new, interesting and highly creative ways to injure himself. I cant be bothered to train on the evening cos im up very early for work at the moment. Im seriously considering selling everything and rebuying when this has all calmed down and everyone flogs the kit they bought at once and drives prices back down. But if/when work closes then i wil be left with nothing to do other than talk to the wife.
  10. Best home cardio

    A step and some cones. Cheap as chips. Sounds lame but I was doing weekly physio where i would hop onto a step then hop off then run to a cone as if my life depended on it and back to the step and repeating using the other leg and running to another cone (the space I was doing it in wasn't much bigger that a garage. It was knackering, especially when wall sprint and kettlebell moves were introduced into it. With a little imagination you can destroy yourself and keep it fun.
  11. old daily driver

    Tag line of your grindr profile? ?
  12. Buying bitcoins

    Looking for advice in buying bit coins (not for investing) As i understand things.... I need to set up a wallet then go to an exchange to buy the bitcoins. Then I transfer them to my wallet. So.... for desktops.... what's the best wallet? Which exchange is safest and quickest. How long does it take to set up and purchase? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  13. Favourite movie soundtrack?

    Judgement night soundtrack is the goat. Anyone who likes metal and/or rap should listen to it. https://youtu.be/SkbojpSsRdQ
  14. Longest time off gym?

    6months off after major knee surgery. Got fat and miserable. Did lots of physio and plyo but no real trainjng. I have been back training for a while now. I am currently squatting a massive 70kg and my weight is down to 13 and a bit stone. Still a long way to go until I get back to where I was but I'm an old natty so everything take a a lot longer.
  15. Feeling lonely in the weekends.

    Been there. After I split up with my ex wife I partied. Few beers on friday night would turn into a weekend bender. Got my sh1t together and stopped drinking. Do you drive? I did very very well on online dating cos I was happy to pick women up and drive to nicer quiter pubs. Cos I was driving I had no temptation to drink and cos I was a free taxi I found it very easy to get dates.