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  1. 5x5 Deadlift, back Pinged.

    Seems u got away with it this time mate, if anything because of this you'll now be even more conscious of your back so should help u in the long run etc
  2. Mass Mode 2017

    Looking huge for 5 weeks out mate!!!!!
  3. Anyone ever met a famous person

    Matt le tissier was sound, Andy mcnab was a true gent, goldie (the old UFC commentator) and bisping with a couple of other brit fighters all were nice guys.
  4. Goodfella ed?

    Ditto mate! Not sure I could get that big tho my face looks hideous at a higher body fat #bloatedmoonface
  5. Goodfella ed?

    Any one remember a lad on here called ed? His user name was goodfella? Had an awesome journal about his first show, think used @hilly as a coach? Has anyone got his insta? Remember seeing a pic and he'd gotten massive!!
  6. Hot male physiques

    Double post
  7. Hot male physiques

    He's over 6ft iirc
  8. Guys for my upcoming blast I'm planning a very basic 750mg sust 600mg mast e run. Sust is 250mg per ml mast e is 200mg per ml how would you schedule this in as less jabs as poss per week?
  9. Thoughts on meat eaters most unhealthy people also milk wtf !?
  10. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    What would a push day look like?
  11. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    How u training 10x wk mate? What's training look like?