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  1. MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

    Nowadays Dorian worry’s about the fluoride in tap water calcifying the pineal gland
  2. Blood Results

    https://medichecks.com/products/sports-hormone-check-blood-test Here you go mate, there’s a good deal on at the moment as well!!
  3. Blood Results

    Yes must be underdosed. Ive been on a trt dose then rather than a cruise? Starting new lab soon hopefully when get re tested it’s up.
  4. Blood Results

    Great advice as usual cheers mate. Possibly, under dosed sust, starting a different lab soon so hopefully that improves, been jabbing 250mg e10 days the last few weeks maybe that has anything to do with it? Re training, I’d done weights the day before and did the test about 20 mins after my morning cardio (45 mins cardio on stationary bike) if that’s what you meant?
  5. Blood Results

    Awesome thank you. Will try to eat an avocado and 2tbsp of evoo a day Hate fish but supplement 6g omega 3 a day if that helps? currently doing 45mins sscv on exercise bike 3-4 x week Will add in citrus bergamot, currently supplementing (not sure I need all this but anyway!) glucosamine tumeric curcumin zinc multi vit magnesium vit c bio complex vit d3 b12 k2 garlic pine bark extract Cq10 omega 3
  6. Blood Results

    7 days yes will do. what about the hdl?
  7. Blood Results

    Hi mate 5-7 days post sust no just gonna cruise on 250 e10 days works out at about 175mg p/w yes just want to get markers in range really
  8. Hey guys Been cruising last year on 250mg p/w dropping that down to every 10 days I haven’t given blood for a while so hopefully that will help? Hdl is low also Any advice welcome @swole troll @arbffgadm100 @Sustanation
  9. As you’re a big lad (100kg + and lean) if you were using just test only for your cruise would you up it to 250mg or still keep it 150mg?
  10. Keane and Vieira - Best of Enemies

    Excellent cheers mate
  11. Keane and Vieira - Best of Enemies

    What’s it on?
  12. The Invisible Man

    Ohhhhhh! That’s the one!
  13. Food and film

    Ooooo the report sounds good! I’m going to watch Harry Potter for the first time and a chinese