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  1. Films/box sets this Christmas

    Animal Kingdom mate! Great series on prime! It’s Oceans 11 meets point break!!
  2. Coldplay “Talk” lyrics

    I think it’s about cancer of some sort of terminal illness
  3. Heard this song for the first time in ages today. Only really listened to the lyrics properly. Trying to figure out what they mean? I have a hunch which makes it an even more special song than I originally thought. Any of you guys remember this one? And what do the lyrics mean to you?
  4. The film misery ending

    Never knew that just looked it up
  5. Why no IF mate? Will it effect muscle loss if macro/cal goals are reached end of day?
  6. good movies from 1960s

    Haha I enjoyed that!
  7. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Love bits of trivia like that! Fat Tony rules
  8. Sean Connery

    Loved him in the Alcatraz film The Rock and the one he did with Wesley Snipes! Great actor
  9. Future Barrymore edition next catalogue page 8 mate #bulgelesswonder
  10. What you guys wanting for Christmas? Either off family or other half etc i have no clue! Socks?
  11. What dose are you on if u don’t mind me asking? And does it maintain u size strength?
  12. Chinese tonight

    Making me hungry!! Salt and pepper chicken is delish also