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  1. What dose are you on if u don’t mind me asking? And does it maintain u size strength?
  2. Chinese tonight

    Making me hungry!! Salt and pepper chicken is delish also
  3. best British movie

    In the Name of the Father One of my favourite films of all time, Daniel Day Lewis is excellent and it’s based on a true story
  4. @ElChapo do you still blast, use orals or 19 nors etc? Worried about the long term damage to health etc?
  5. Tbf it’s an old batch tho
  6. Edited shouldnt of made it about the lab when it was more the reading I was curious about
  7. For the last 6 months I’ve just been jabbing 1ml -250mg test e every 10 days. Works out to around 175mg a week did blood test 24 hours after last jab Would you guys say this is a good reading for 1ml every 10 days?
  8. Deload: volume or intensity

    I feel I need to deload, gonna try every 6 weeks normally train 3x12 etc so I’ll do 3x6 but do I use the same weight I was using in the previous 3x12 session?
  9. Garage Gym Power Building

    Looking really good mate, nice and thick with strength to go with it. Awesome physique
  10. What happened to DLTBB?

    His physique was top notch!! shame what’s happened to him but guess he knew the risks
  11. What happened to DLTBB?

    Damn! He’s a helpful lad and very knowledgeable about training. anyone got a link to his insta? Or what he went by?
  12. Guess the film from one line

    Lol no but it does involve the ocean
  13. Guess the film from one line

    “He’s not coming back”
  14. Road Warrior Animal

    They were my favourite tag team saw him interviewed recently and looked in good health. hawk had an amazing physique