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  1. Trying to gain weight

    Hello Lads thank you for the advice is it possible for me to follow the advice yous have given but just carry out regular exercise rather than lift heavy weights, am not looking for muscle mass just a healthy looking weight with regular exercise with it. Best regards Paddy
  2. Trying to gain weight

    Hi Everyone my name is Paddy I need some advice as the advice ive received from shops seem more interested in me buying products that helping genuinely, I recently went through a break up up and have lost serious weight, i have a active job as an electrician but i want to but a product powered drink that will help me gain weight as long I as eat with it and exercise, I am desperate for help i weight 9stone and measure 5.9 in i would like some weight back to make me look health I will do physical exercise once i start my weight gain drinks but i dont know what to buy and how to put weight on. Any help from experience fitness personell would be so appreciated I could even offer free electrical testing and installs for free up to a point of course could you look at these products i bought wouldn’t they help in weight gain thank you paddy